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What makes Rudolph’s nose red?

Dear Ernest (on behalf of Elf Victor, Santa’s head of reindeer operations), What makes Rudolph’s nose red? Does Rudolph have any other family that has…mmmm…a blue nose or a green nose or something like that? JC Dallas, USA He was born with it. No other member of Rudolph’s family has…


North Pole Post Office Overrun with Mail

Greetings! Elf Hugo reports that electronic mail streaming into the North Pole is coming in at a record pace at this hour. He assures us this is completely normal and that they are prepared for it. With Christmas Eve just a short time away the mail always picks up for…


Major Winter Storm Wallops the North Pole

Hi everyone! As forecast the snow has arrived in the form of a fierce winter blizzard here at the North Pole. The winds are howling and snow is piling up at a rate of six to eight inches of snow per hour. This storm and the others lined up behind…


What will Santa do with all this coal?

Greetings all! The huge mountain of coal at the North Pole continues to grow. More and more of it keeps coming in every day and the pile just gets larger. We cannot imagine what Santa needs with all this coal. Some have speculated that Santa has a lot of naughty…


Put a Name Tag on Your Christmas Tree

Breaking News! Santa instructed me this morning to put out the word that Santa would like you to place a name tag of some sort on your Christmas tree before he visits late on Christmas Eve. As discussed earlier this month in a Santa Update Santa believes every home should…


Santa Announces the Office of the North Pole Navy

Hi everyone! Stunning news to announce this morning: Santa has just informed us that he has organized a new department to be known as the North Pole Navy. Yes, Santa will have ships. We’re not sure what this means, exactly. Santa didn’t explain it much. The new office will NOT…


Tracking Department Begins Operations

Merry Christmas! Moments ago the coordinated countdown clocks at the North Pole lit up with red lights – that means the Tracking Department is now in business. The Tracking Department has a big job. Every year they plot out Santa’s flight plan, look for dangers out there in the weather…


Does Santa receive any presents?

Dear Ernest, Does Santa receive any presents? Karlee Bellingham, USA Yes, every year. Santa is a big believer in Santa. He hangs his stocking every year. I know this sounds goofy. What is even goofier is that Santa is always surprised by what he gets for Christmas every year. Last…


Final Day of Rest at the North Pole

Greetings all! It is Sunday and that means a day of rest and worship for us here at the North Pole. Yes, we’re busy. And yes, Christmas and Santa’s launch is just around the corner. But Santa insists that we take this time off. He does this every year. It…


Loud Noises Come from Big Building with No Name

Hi everyone! The Big Building with No Name has been running around the clock for weeks now. The lights have been on there non-stop and every day more and more elves go into that building. But today something different is happening there – loud noises…almost like explosions. There is no…


Does Santa have children?

Dear Elf Ernest, Does Santa have any children? Alana Warragul, Australia Yes. But they are all grown up now and have children of their own. That means Santa is also a grandfather. Now, I know that opens up a great many more questions in your mind. What is it like…


Christmas and Star Wars

What in the world has Star Wars got to do with Christmas? Below is one of the most watched Christmas lights videos of the season and it is completely Star Wars themed. We don’t have anything against Star Wars. We loved it. But we fail to see the merry connection….


A Complete History of Tracking Santa Claus

Some would call the tracking of Santa a fairly recent phenomenon. After all, you need technology to follow the Big Guy. The truth is that Santa has been anticipated and tracked for centuries. Ancient stories of La Befana (Italy), Baboushka (Russia) and Black Pete (Spain) all have elements of anticipating…


World Rallies to Help Santa

Greetings everyone! As we tick down the final hours of Operation Merry Christmas the North Pole post office has been overwhelmed with calls and letters of support for Santa. Folks as asking what they can do to help. Governments have offered the help of military units and transportation to help…

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