Kirk Cameron is Explaining Christmas to Christians

Actor and Christian activist Kirk Cameron is a releasing a new movie in November titled Saving Christmas. While media coverage is already negative on the project the target audience appears not to be the critics and the skeptics. Cameron appears to be playing the film towards Christians. The film is…


The True Story of Silent Night

zv7qrnb By B. Francis Morlan The story has become yet another chapter in the book of Christmas legend. The year was 1914 and soldiers on both sides of the battlefield somewhere in France were enduring a dark and frozen Christmas Eve night. World War I — the Great War, as…


Marshfield Massachusetts Schools Opt Out of Christmas Break

Hearts are not merry in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Despite loud public outcry over changing “Christmas Break” on school calendars to “Holiday Break” the school board by a 3-2 vote made the change anyway. It has been a hot-button issue in the community for several months. After a debate that was at…


Soaring Food Costs to Affect Christmas Spending

Soaring food costs will affect Christmas spending, according to the latest annual survey by My Merry of Christmas in America. With butter priced over $4 per pound in the United States and beef at record highs consumers are saying they won’t skimp on the foods this Christmas but that…


The Birds’ Christmas Carol

Contributed by LoiS-sez Note: This is actually the first chapter in the book by the title of The Birds’ Christmas Carol by Kate Douglas Wiggin in 1886, but it’s both an explanation of the book’s title and a wonderful Christmas story…especially for anyone born at Christmas time. It was very…


The Mistletoe Bough

Contributed by LoiS-sez This is actually a ballad with lyrics by Thomas Haynes Bayly. I’ve never been able to find the music by Sir Henry Bishop, but I use the refrain for my own re-telling as it’s said to be based on a traditional legend. The mistletoe hung in the…


Macy’s 1939 Thanksgiving Day Parade

In a rare color archive this is a look at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade of 1939: Courtesy of


Sarah Hale: Mother of Thanksgiving

The American Holiday of Thanksgiving came about thanks to the tireless efforts of a lady name Sarah Hale. Here is a bit of her story: Here is part 2: Courtesy of


The Government Shows You How to Carve a Turkey

In 1956 the U.S. Government released this instructional film about how to carve a turkey: Courtesy of


Merry Podcast #41 — A Muppet of a Podcast

The Merry Podcast gives another nod to A Christmas Carol with a fun look at The Muppet Christmas Carol. Released in 1992 this now-classic version of A Christmas Carol presented nothing but challenges for the producers who were looking to capture an accurate retelling of the Dickens tale. After all,…


Whipped Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potatoes has a ton of variations for the Thanksgiving table. Here is another one: Courtesy of


Santa Orders Hundreds of New Sleighs

Greetings Everyone! More breaking news here at the North Pole: Santa has just placed an order for hundreds of new sleighs. Both Elf Quinton and Elf Bernard were taken by surprise with the news. Elf Quinton supplies the plans and buys the materials needed to make the sleighs and Elf…

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