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Glenn Beck’s Immortal Santa Claus

The movie business is soon to release several movies showing the tough side of Santa. Sony Pictures is soon to release Winter’s Knight, a take on the Viking tradition of Santa. Other filmmakers are working The Anti-Claus, a film about the dark figure of Krampus of European tradition. But none…


Even Santa Poops

The UK is a different world. Christmas there has a great flavor and is so openly celebrated. But today the world of advertising in the UK has taken on an all knew level of greatness with this shamelessly inappropriate-on-every-level ad of Santa on the can. This is seriously funny stuff:…


Songs that Put the X in Christmas

I love the debates of Christmas and none is more pleasing to me than the arguments about Christmas music. Christmas music tends to run the gamut — from syrupy kids stuff to the chants of sacred hymns. That is what makes it so wonderful. But Christmas also has a dark…


Santa Tests the New Sleigh

Exciting News! Santa has traveled with a team of reindeer to a Siberian test flight facility maintained for years by the North Pole. His purpose is to take this year’s newly designed sleigh out for a test flight. This will be Santa’s first time behind the reins with this new…


FFRF Goes After Snow Plows in Sioux Falls

Two snow plows painted by a local school as part of the Sioux Falls annual ‘Paint the Plow’ event might not make it out on the street this winter. One group is challenging the city. City Hall soon will be decorated for the holidays but one group is attempting to…


2nd Grader Wants to Pass Out Candy Canes Again

Advocates for Faith & Freedom has filed a request for a preliminary injunction in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California on Wednesday, November 12th 2014. The injunction, if granted, will prohibit the West Covina Unified School District from stopping seven-year-old Isaiah Martinez from passing out candy…


Michigan Shapes Up as Battle Ground Over Nativity Scene

Michigan state officials are considering whether a Christian Nativity scene and a counter-display from a secularist group should join the state Christmas tree on the Capitol lawn this holiday season. The State Capitol Commission on Monday agreed to contract with the Michigan attorney general’s office for a part-time staff attorney…


Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is one particularly happy and joyful event because it is the time for reunions with families and friends. Grown-ups catch up on each other’s lives while kids get together and play a game or two. However, while adults can spend long hours just talking to one another, children will…


AFA Takes Aim at Companies that Will Not Say Christmas

It’s a holiday tradition — er….a Christmas tradition! The American Family Association has published their annual “naughty and nice list†of retailers who won’t use the word Christmas in their advertising or public relations efforts. The big offender this year: Petsmart, a perennial abuser of the holiday versus Christmas tug…


Alton Brown’s Turkey Tips

Alton Brown takes on turkey in his oh-so-Alton-Brown way: and here’s part two. Oh, check out the comments on YouTube: Courtesy of RealThanksgiving.com


Top Secret Projects Have Elves Nervous

Hi everyone, If you’re late joining us this year let me catch you up on a few details that have already emerged in the story of Santa’s flight this year and Operation Merry Christmas. Quite frankly, everything that is going on has elves here at the North Pole feeling a…


Pentatonix Continues to Roll Out Christmas Videos

Pentatonix is hot and they know it. After releasing their Christmas album on October 21st to delirious reviews and rabid fan reaction online they continue to roll out the videos to support sales — and Thanksgiving is still a week or more away. MTV.com has taken to becoming a little…


Lower Your Thanksgiving Dinner Stress

Thanksgiving is not only a time worth celebrating with the family and friends, it is also a festivity where food, as well as stress, are literally overwhelming. And all the hassles begin with the preparation of the Thanksgiving dinner. In actuality, preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be quite daunting, but there…


Peanuts 2015 Preview

In the absence of any real film of substance this Christmas it is refreshing to see a little glimpse of what has been rumored for Christmas 2015 for some time. Mashable talked about it today and lo and behold the trailer magically appeared a short while later. Watch: That being…

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