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Consumers Cry Cash is King Over Credit Cards

The credit card breach at Target stores during the 2013 Christmas shopping season affected 70 million shoppers from Black Friday forward. The effects of that event have been far reaching. Target suffered a horrible holiday sales period and has since struggled to recover. The whole nasty situation has left a…


Headline News Joins the Christmas Creep Parade Two Months Late

Headline News — what used to be part of Turner Broadcasting known for 24-hour non-stop news — seems to be in a bit of a rut. The news channel is still obsessed with the long ago convicted Jodi Arias and now they are jumping on the Christmas creep bandwagon. Yup,…


Dukes of Hazard Christmas

It has been 35 years since the debut of Dukes of Hazard. So it’s time to come out with a Christmas album, right? John Schneider and Tom Wopat — that 70s era duo who played Bo and Luke Duke — sing lead on a brassy, big-band backed album of Christmas…


LeAnn Rimes Releases Her First Chapter of Christmas

Pop star LeAnn Rimes is out with her “first chapter” of Christmas — which we assume to mean there is more. On this first one, she releases these six songs of Christmas: One Christmas: Chapter 1 1. Silent Night Holy Night 2. I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas 3. Blue…


Gary Oldman’s Thanksgiving Message

The rift between Great Britain and America is boldly confronted by Gary Oldman: Courtesy of


Top Secret Airlift Begins

Hi everyone! Breaking news for you! It isn’t even Halloween but already there are reindeer in the skies here at the North Pole. We noticed it this morning. Way out behind the massive Building with No Name a sleigh launch pad has been set up and several empty sleighs are…


Eggnog Sticker Shock Awaits Americans

A recent poll found food prices overall putting the pinch on American spending plans for Christmas but grocers are bracing for the coming backlash for one of the priciest increases in holiday food costs: eggnog. Common pricing in stores early in the holiday season show eggnog topping $6 in some…


Protesting Thanksgiving

The battle lines are being drawn all around us. The rumblings of discontent and the cries of revolution are warming up. There is a storm coming. It is called Thanksgiving. It never used to be this way. Way back in the old days when I was a kid — when…


Churchill Predicts Worldwide Celebration of Thanksgiving

Here’s an interesting tidbit from history: Winston Churchill praises the American Thanksgiving and predicts it will become a worldwide celebration. Courtesy of


Can Cameron get it right to Save Christmas?

Just as Kirk Cameron’s Christmas movie project Saving Christmas needed another push of media its website was somehow hacked again by “Islamic terrorists”. We’re not saying it isn’t true. We just think it is curious. Saving Christmas is supposed to be a Christian response to atheists and anti-Christmas detractors who…


Black Pete Makeover Plans Announced

The Dutch tradition of Black Pete begins its transformation this year with Santa being accompanied by a whole lot of Petes not colored black. There will be yellow Petes, white Petes and Petes with faces streaked with soot. In Gouda, where Saint Nicholas and dozens of Petes will ‘arrive’ on…


Johnny Carson Reads Kid Letters About Thanksgiving

Johnny Carson reads kids’ letters describing how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. Johnny Carson also jokes with Doc Severinsen about eating lasagna for Thanksgiving: Courtesy of

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