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O Come Emmanuel

We have heard several beautiful renditions of O Come O Come Emmanuel these past few years but this new release by Jenny Oaks Baker takes it to an all new level. The music, combined with the powerful visuals of the Nativity makes for a fantastic Christmas message:


Star Wars Funk

We’ve been on the prowl for the great Christmas light videos of 2015 — where are they? It’s been pretty light this year, no pun intended. Here’s one but there’s little information to share with you about who did it or where it is from. It has only been on…


Friendly Beasts

There are tales and legends aplenty of the animals present at the Nativity. In a great telling of some of those legends in song is Tony Award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell, star of stage and a voice known from many films. Dubbed “The Last Leading Man” by The New York…


Piano Guys with Placido Domingo Perform Silent Night

Wow. Can it get any better than the Piano Guys with Placido Domingo? Here they combine to perform Silent Night with a children’s choir and the sound is just exquisite. This is Christmas:


Christmas Peace

Perhaps no bigger theme will be advanced by us this holiday season than the message of peace. It is a timely subject no matter where you live in the world. In this new video from the LDS Church, which is really a post-Thanksgiving tradition every year, the core message of…


If I Were George Bailey

Shortly before Christmas last year I dropped by my parents’ house and caught my Dad watching the last half hour of It’s a Wonderful Life. As we watched the peak of George’s crisis we got into a conversation about what we would do if either one of us were George…


More than a Half Million Lights on One Tree

Australia isn’t to be outdone by anyone in the world when it comes to Christmas. There’s no snow, few natural Christmas trees, and little that actually originates in Australia when it comes to Christmas. But they celebrate it big time and they want the world to know it. From their…


A Lonesome Korean Christmas

This is awesome — and it just shows you the reach that Christmas has around the world. It is the Barberettes performing Lonesome Christmas. This production — from the music to the video — is every bit as great as anything done with Christmas anywhere in the world. It’s just…


Eclipse 6 Releases This Christmas on Video

No instruments — the hottest trend in Christmas music two years running — is behind Eclipe 6’s release of This Christmas on video. They’ve been around a while — and offering very good Christmas music over the years. And this video does not disappoint:


Australia Loves Their Lego Christmas

It is summer in Australia. So it might be the perfect place to construct a ginormous Christmas tree made only of Legos. This time lapse video shows the process of putting the tree and its ornaments together in what has become a festive tradition in the city of Melbourne:


Christmas Haters

There is a whole new generation of Christmas lovers out there and they face things a lot of us older Christmas fanatics have never had to endure: the Christmas Hater. The following video is from a very popular YouTube star, Colleen Ballinger, who is talented, funny and — it turns…


Johnson Light Show Fires Up in San Antonio

The Johnson Family Christmas Lights are pretty famous. They were a hit in San Antonio long before being featured on the Great Christmas Light Fight. This display likes to bill itself as “non-traditional” and right away it smacks the viewer as something very different. They explain: There are no inflatables,…


Lights and Trees Go On Everywhere

Lost in the hype of Black Friday is the pause the world seems to take as the sun goes down — that’s when the lights are switched on from coast to coast. Nearly every community has something going on or a big Christmas somewhere can be found. In this video…


Stevie Wonder and Andra Day Sing Someday at Christmas

This Christmas season is already carrying dark marks of distress. From rumored wars to the Pope’s comments about Christmas being a charade to protesters taking down Christmas trees it seems there’s an edge to this season we have not seen in a very, very long time. Perhaps one of the…

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