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The Legendary Bing Crosby

He was born the middle of seven children in the great American northwest. His father was an English-American bookkeeper and his mother a second-generation Irish American, making young Harry about as American as apple pie. The rest of his story is classically American as well as he grew to become…


Pumpkin Shortage Looms for Thanksgiving

2015 has not been a great year for the traditional foods of Thanksgiving. A bird flu virus threatened to wipe out the 2015 turkey flocks earlier in the year and now it appears canned pumpkin may be in short supply for Thanksgiving. According to crop experts in Illinois, the country’s…


Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog Debuts

Like clockwork and on time the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog makes its annual debut this week for the 89th year. The famous catalog is only famous for the absurdity of the suggested gifts that nobody actually buys. In years past the catalog has offered everything from lunch with notable figures…


Great Debates: Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas Movie?

It is one of those Christmas debates that just did not exist a generation ago: is the 1993 stop motion animated classic Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie…or a Halloween movie? The clever movie does little to settle the question by itself. The movie tells the story of Jack Skellington,…


Merry Podcast #46 — Highlights from Tracking Santa

This special edition of the Merry Podcast is fully dedicated to the recapping of highlights from Santa tracking last Christmas Eve on Kringle Radio. 2014 was the 2nd year of tracking Santa as part of an ambitious live radio event that took more than 50 hours to broadcast. Beginning on…


Mint Condition Releasing Christmas CD

Iconic R&B band Mint Condition to release first ever Christmas album, “Healing Season” this month. The holiday project is a creative blend of classics and original songs. Heralded as one of the last great R&B bands, the 5-member group (Stokley Williams, Larry Waddell, Homer O’Dell, Rick & Jeffery Allen) has…


Santa Speaks 2015

Each year Santa takes the time to speak extensively and exclusively with a member of the media. This year Santa speaks with Naomi Carlson of The Herald Star of Blueberry, Maine: Naomi: First off, Santa — how about dem Cubs? Santa: [laughs] Hohoho, I was wondering how long it would…


Peanuts Stamps Expected to Be Huge Sellers

The U.S. Postal Service begins selling Christmas stamps featuring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts starting on October 1st. The news of the release of the stamps spread like wildfire on social media last month. The combined marketing efforts of a new release computer animated Peanuts feature and a 50th anniversary…


Five Myths of the War on Christmas

It is the Christmas topic people hate to hear about and like even less to discuss: The War on Christmas. And yet it persists — year after year. This year it appears to be championed by presidential candidates. That means we could hear more about it than usual. Before the…


The History of Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Eddie Cantor, a comedian from the 1930s was given a new Christmas song to sing for his radio audience in 1934. Targeted at kids, the songwriters were frustrated at their inability to get it recorded and sold. Record labels thought the appeal too narrow to be successful. Cantor sang it…


Home Alone Goes Back to Theaters

Home Alone celebrates 25 years this Christmas and producers are celebrating in a variety of ways — the latest by announcing that it will make a very limited to return to theaters on November 8th. Over two dates in early November — the 8th and the 11th — you can…


Christmas in Billings, Montana 1954

Early last week, James Carroll of Tyler, Texas, came to Billings for the second time in his life. It was an enjoyable visit, but it was hard to top that first one, on Christmas Eve 1954. Carroll was a 23-year-old Army private at the time, just out of basic training…


LeAnn Rimes Previews Christmas Album

LeAnn Rimes released a preview today from her upcoming Christmas album titled Today is Christmas. The track is a cover of Kenny Loggins’ Celebrate Me Home, a duet Rimes performs with Gavin DeGraw. Take a listen: The album drops on October 16th and features classics such as Angels We Have…


Ice Cube: Not the Scrooge We’re Looking For

We asked for a modern re-do of A Christmas Carol in the latest episode of the Merry Podcast and at least one of four competing movie studios wants to deliver. Universal Pictures has purchased the rights to a modern re-telling of the Dickens classic and has tabbed Ice Cube as…

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