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Almost Home and Almost Christmas

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Posted 10-11-2010 at 08:14 AM by kgstyles

As some of you know, I have been in Afghanistan for the whole entire year. What a year it has been. I started my deployment in Camp Atterbury, Indiana back in early November 2009 and will finally be leaving here in less than 2 weeks. This has been the longest deployment I have ever been on and by far the most challenging, both mentally and physically (I've been to Iraq twice). From target practice for 6 hours in -15 degree weather holding a metal weapon and you can't feel your fingers enough to pull the trigger and you keep missing because of that fact but you have to keep at it until you hit all the targets, to baking in 120 heat pulling security in a mud hut village for 3 hours with 120 extra pounds of gear on to staying up for 24+ hours at a time due to attacks on the base and needing to man the machine gun bunkers and continue to do everyday normal duty, were the physical challenges. Not seeing my 4 kids since October 2009, missing all of their birthdays this year, losing 2 awesome guys to a suicide bomber in a crowded street market, only spending 2 weeks with my new Wife as Husband and Wife the entire year and trying to make it work long distance, being there for my buddies when they got the dear John letter or being there for them because they missed their first child being born (3 babies born to guys here this year), attacks on the base (10 total rocket and ground attacks), and thinking everyday and just not knowing when or if you are going to ever leave were the mental challenges. But through all of this, I want to say thank you all for everything you post on this site. Thank you for making this site!! I kept telling myself that I know when I'll be home because it'll be the start of the Christmas season as soon as I get there, so this year more than ever I have been so anxious for Christmas time to come so I can see my Wife and kids and family again. So I logged on here constantly and just kept telling myself it's another day closer. And just reading all the posts and everybody's enthusiasm about Christmas (which I knew everybody already had) just kept my head up and made time go by a little faster by taking my mind to a happy Christmas place lol. Caninemom, RadioJonD, thank you for the supportive messages you guys sent me; I really enjoyed knowing I had some support here. So my hats off to everybody at MMC, even though you had no clue, you were keeping this Soldiers spirit up this whole year and I thank you very much for that! You guys rock!!! I hope everybody has an awesome day and I can't wait to get home and start getting ready for the big day.
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