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What the election means to me

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Posted 11-06-2012 at 01:09 PM by lauriebear

What the election means to me

I don't pretend to be a political guru or know all there is to know about our Government. There are plenty of bloggers, websites, and tweets who can do that and give in depth analysis of all the issues. Instead, I will just simply tell you what Election Day mean to me.

As an American Citizen I am proud to cast my vote in an election, to have my voice counted. I think back today and on Veterans Day and say thank you for giving me this right. I think of the people who fought. I think of our founding fathers and wonder at amazement that to this day the system still works.
To vote is one of the greatest privileges. My vote counts towards the person I think bests fits the job, and yes that means at times I can’t always choose a person for likability, for personal reasons. I need to be prudent and choose the candidate that will best be suited to fulfill that role.

Did you know that our working government was created with hopes that it would endure for about 10 years until a solidified working government could be enacted? Now, here we are, with 44 Presidents to date. Did you also know that in the US we “The People” did not directly elect our Senators under the 17th Amendment in 1912, but a few of the men who constructed our government had really wanted it that way from the start?

I love this country; I do not take for granted my freedom as others do not have it at all. I know we have our faults, but really don’t we all, none of us (countries included) are perfect.

This is what election day means to me.
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