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The Journey Of A Lifetime

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Posted 11-18-2012 at 09:54 PM by caninemom3
Updated 11-18-2012 at 10:06 PM by caninemom3

She was just an ordinary teenager who lived in a small town. Her parents and family were poor and made a modest living off the land but always provided for her and several relatives as was custom. She had always been a very devout Jewish girl being sure to follow to the letter the laws and traditions of her people. As she sat very still listening to the quiet Summer breeze she was both terrified and excited. A visitor had come to see her just a few hours ago. A visitor who was unlike any she had ever seen or spoken with ever in her life. The visitor was almost human looking but had such a presence of the ethereal about it. It could not be described as man or woman but rather as without gender with a kindly face yet with a commanding presence. The words the visitor spoke were most troubling for the young girl whose name was Miriam.

It had told her she was "blessed among all women" and that she had "found favor with God." How could she of all people have found favor with God ? She was just a poor peasant, nothing special. She trembled as she bowed before the visitor and said "let it be unto me according to your word..." Then the visitor was gone.

How was she going to explain this ? She was betrothed but not marred to Joseph and now she was expecting not just any child, but God's son. She had always trusted God but this time even though she still trusted, she was so scared. Her heart was beating so fast it was in her throat.

In the coming months there were indeed some very hard times for Miriam. Her parents were good, hard working, devout Jews and when she told them what had happened they naturally questioned the truth of the whole thing. Then there was telling Joseph. He could have had her stoned to death or in the least caused a scandal but through God's intervention, he saw the light and that she was indeed expecting God's son.

The news came that all had to be taxed according to their lineage which meant Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem. The truth be told, she was not crazy about Joseph at this point, did not want to be married yet, and to go on such a long journey from her parents and home while carrying the child was too overwhelming for her. The only thing she could do was pray.

On the day they left, she hugged her parents tight and prayed with them and then was on her way with Joseph to Bethlehem. The journey was quite arduous. There were many dangers on the way plus all the time they traveled Miriam's pregnancy was advancing further and further. Over the time they traveled, however; something amazing and wonderful started to happen between she and Joseph. She saw what a kind and patient man he was, how he always protected her, gave her food first, was kind and protective of the donkey upon which she rode and he never complained once of being tired or hungry himself. Miriam began to love Joseph and realized Joseph would be a wonderful earthly father for her son. At night sitting close to the fire she and Joseph would talk of the child, wondering if they would be able to know when he realized who he was, if Joseph would be able to teach him anything. It hardly seemed possible that God would want his son to be a carpenter but that is what Joseph's trade was and the child would be taught that same trade.

She was concerned about what kind of mother she would be. Miriam had always loved babies and like so many young girls dreamed of the day when she would be married with her own children but to realize that in a very short time she would indeed be a mother, and not just any mother, the mother of the son of God, made her more anxious than ever. She prayed that she would please God and that He would help her.

The journey continued until at last, Bethlehem was in sight. She was in the very first stage of labor when they arrived and the city was crowded. Joseph desperately went from inn to inn, household to household and could find no place for them to lodge where Miriam could have the privacy she needed. Miriam's labor continued. Now she was to the point that she instinctively knew she had to have a place quickly or the child would be born right there on the streets. She could hear Joseph, when she could concentrate between pains, asking everyone, begging for a place for his wife. Finally she heard a soft, quiet voice say "it is all I can offer you..."

Joseph quickly picked Miriam up in his arms and gently placed her in what essentially was a place for cattle. It was dirty, damp, smelly and the only thing for a bed was a manger from which the animals ate. Joseph cleaned this out as best he could then he went to assist Miriam. Scared like the little girl she was and in labor pains, he calmed her and soothed her with his gentle demeanor, helped her take deep breaths and assured her all would be well. In just a few hours when Miriam thought she could bear no more pain, finally the child was delivered. Joseph quickly cleaned the baby off and made sure he was healthy then handed him to his mother. Miriam's face streamed with tears as she held in her arms for the first time, her son, God in infant form. She no longer had any questions about what kind of mother she would be. She instantly loved her baby and she knew she would do everything to protect him and give him what he needed. Joseph took the baby into his arms and Miriam could tell Joseph felt the same way about him that she did.

As Mary took her baby back into her arms Joseph made sure she and the baby, Yeshua, were comfortable, warm and safe....As she drifted off to sleep with the baby already sleeping peacefully in her arms shepherds were coming from all around the area and the sky was ablaze with the light of heaven's angels. Peace on earth, good will toward men was what Miriam heard as much needed sleep welcomed her into its realm of peace and quiet...........and she knew that God was with them and always would be......
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