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Welcome to our newest member, CWilde
My name is Ron, I am a Christmas nut always have been always will be. I am first and foremost a stay at home dad that has an evening job at a retail/grocery establishment. After my second son was born I stepped down from my management position, so my wife and I don't have to pay for daycare. My wife is a teacher in the town we live, so people recognize us everywhere in our little town.
My wife and I have been married for 9 years. We have 2 boys aged 6 and 3, both are young Christmas nuts.

I have loved Christmas as long as I remember
from seeing the lights on all the houses, to seeing if I could stay awake to see Santa.
Christmas has been the one constant in my life it has always been there for me, through the rough times of my parents divorce when I was 10 y/o or my mother's passing when I was 16.
Everyone always tried to make it something special for myself and sister when we were young no matter what was going on. I now believe that is why I love this time of year more than any other because of the efforts of my family to hold it above any other time of year. I get to make the season special for my boys now, whether it be by playing the music decorating the house and yard or just playing the dvd's. The memories the season has brought have always warm and it is no wonder why I look forward to making more of these memories every year. My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story my favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. My favorite Christmas artist is Bing Crosby.
Well if I ran on a little bit I am sorry I am new to blogging, it sounds always better in your mind.
I will try to keep posting and making it interesting for all who read.
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Frustration Runs Through It

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Posted 07-21-2010 at 10:30 PM by xmas365

I have learned during my years of writing, to let emotions wane before writing, especially if the emotions are painful. Tonight I am making an exception, because I do not know what else to do. I have been writing for a few weeks now about a promotion I was certain I was going to get, only to be disappointed tonight, when I learned I did not get it. I guess I got the confidence in this promotion, because my boss was the one to search me out for this position, and not the other way around. I understand the person that got the position has a little more experience in that area than I, and I am truly happy for him, as he is a great friend and a deserving fellow. I am extremely saddened right now for myself, as I looked at this as what my family needed, the money was going to be equal to getting an extra paycheck a month, and who couldn't use that, I could feel like I could be proud of my work again instead of burdensome, and always freezing. I am sick of working in a freezer, I have been doing it for over three years straight, and I feel like I have to babysit when I leave for my weekends, and come back to a disaster because nobody wants to be in there freezing their butts off. I spend close to 10-12 hours in a week in -10F do I want to? No, I do it because it is my job. I am breaking one of my personal blog taboos, talking about work, I promised myself not to talk about work when I set up my own blog, but frustration is at a high point as I feel stuck in my current position.
I don't like to end an entry on a sour note, so I will talk a little about my writing in the past. I never liked writing throughout my schooling until I became a senior in high school, with the help of my English teacher. His way of teaching brought out creativeness in my writing, that I never knew I had. When I went to college, I had just discovered The Beatles, especially John Lennon's songwriting imaginative tendencies, but I had a Professor who encouraged us to swear in our writings to really show emotion, and that to me was just awesome, I felt it was cool an adult wanted me to swear. As I became older my writing began to diminish, I dropped out of college, for a job with the intentions of going back to school a few years later, but that never happened. I met my wife and the creativeness that had been dormant for a few years came back with a vengeance, I was so inspired by this woman, I started doing something I had never done before, writing poetry. She was such an inspiration to me I was writing 1-2 poems a night, diving headfirst into the emotions she brought alive in me. The culmination of all of this was actually getting a poem published in a book of poetry back in 1999. I have learned to use my emotions in a good way of writing, but sometimes just to clear my mind I have to write when I am in a sad state of mind. Maybe sometime I will share a few of my poems with all of you.
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  1. Old Comment
    [B]Ron, what a great blog post !! I am sorry you didn't get your promotion. I would have given it to you in a split second !! You ARE WORTH IT. I know how you feel about the money. I get paid PER LINE that I type not an hourly wage and have not had a raise in 2 years. I get 0.875 center per line. I do not have to work in a freezer, however. I hope things will work out for you. Your wife sounds AMAZING. She is so beautiful. I think it is wonderful you wrote poems for her, that is SO ROMANTIC !! Take care and remember, as my mother Susy used to say, when one door closes another one opens !! I hope that will be true for you. Blessings. [/B]
    Posted 07-22-2010 at 04:58 AM by caninemom3 caninemom3 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    ChristmasHeart's Avatar
    I can "hear" the love that you have for your wife by the way you write about her in your blogs. Having love for, and from family is such a blessing and I find that when times are tough - and things feel like they are falling apart around me...I think about the thing I am most grateful for (that money cannot buy)...and that is family. I get the feeling that you do the same.

    I think it is absolutely okay for you to write about your feelings about not getting that promotion. are happy for your friend who got it - but it is also very okay to feel sad and disappointed that you did not. In your shoes, I would too.

    I know what it is like to get excited about something - and be certain that it will happen...only to find that the end result isn't as I thought (or hoped) it would be. We must not lose hope, Xmas (and I am saying that to myself as much as I am saying it to you)! I said it earlier this morning in a post...I think there are much greater things in store for you! BELIEVE!

    I would enjoy reading some of your poems! Please post some!

    In the meanwhile - be well...keeping smiling...keep that great attitude that you've got...and keep that Christmas spirit flowing!
    Posted 07-22-2010 at 08:28 PM by ChristmasHeart ChristmasHeart is offline
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