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Christmas Elves

Posted 11-25-2008 at 03:13 PM by Mumof2

I was thinking about those Memories you have as a kid.You know them,the one's where you get into a day dream and boom your smiling and giggling in the middle of Stoppy (stop & shop,our grocery store here) something in the isle made you go back 10,20,even longer maybe.maybe a smell?a sound? whatever it was,it's like a time Machine brought you there.I know for me Im pretty happy after special thoughts like that.So I thought I'd share one with Ya's...

I was sitting in my Parlor and my dad came into the room he told me and my brother Kevin to get our Jackets and all,we are going out for a few. We looked at eachother and shrugged,ok. So in a flash we were out the door,down the stairs and piling into the car.
My dad drove us to another Neighborhood,not to far from our own.He drove onto a narrow street and parked at the end.He turned to us and said" I want you both togo to the brown 6 decker knock on this apt.# and when they answer do NOT tell them who you are,Just...
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Posted 11-07-2008 at 09:58 PM by Mumof2

How Many of us know that word well? I know it Too well! It's like it follows me around.My Grandfather died in 1997 of it,granted he was in his early 90's.My Aunt Arlene or Arliney as we'd call her, died on the morning of August 1,2006 later that same day my Georgeous Niece Lily was born.
I've been thinking of my dad alot lately and the reason is he was the reason im a christmas lover.he kept up a small christmas tree in his room year round.
My dad Died of Lung cancer on April 21,2001 I was 23 and just devastated.I just had my son 4 1/2 months before,He was diagnosed with spina Bifida Occulta,and Torticoliss.I wacthed as my dad died and all the while he kept his sense of humor,maybe it was more for us than him,but I've gotta say that was the bravest thing I've ever seen.
Before he Died,he said to me "im sorry im not gonna se Douglas and his daddy go fishing" Im sorry baby.Im just to sick,BUT, Im gonna send you a little girl.I said to him That would be great papa,I...
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Christmas Memories.

Posted 08-07-2008 at 03:27 PM by Mumof2

I don't know why,But I was thinking about Christmas Memories from my childhood.I Have LOVED Christmas all my life,that I can say,came from my Dad.I was thinking about candy today.I remember my Mum would have all these great candy dishes,In shapes of snowmen,santas,sleighs etc.Some were just nice silver pieces she might have found at a Yard Sale from the Summer before some were bought years before I was born.
Everywhere You looked,there was a dish filled with candy.Hard candies,candy canes,chocolate bells and santas,and my dads favorite,Ribbon candy.I liked alot of candy when I was little,One of my favs,was A lolli pop with santas face they had a white-ish powder like coating on his face.We(my bro Kevin) and I would press those lil santas against our tongues and see santa himself looking right back at us!! but none came close to My favorite christmas time candy than Andes Candies.
Now I know you can buy then all year long,but for some reason I really liked them during christmas...
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Christmas List.

Posted 07-19-2008 at 08:17 PM by Mumof2

So this weekend I finished my "Christmas List" for all of my family and friends.Im really pleased with the outcome.
My kids had no problem telling me what they really liked,which was not alot,but they things they mentioned were really heartfelt ,I could see it in their eyes when they described to me the colors or style of what they wanted.
I figured for my sisters and mum id do mostly homemade items.I picked a "theme" for them and i'll get a basket and put items in there that go with their theme.Like my oldest sister is a old time movie buff,mysteries and I'll buy her a blanket,pop corn,bottle of tonic(soda),her fav candy,a few movies,and a gift card to her local sub shop for dinner,and of course my homemade items like saops,lotions and soup mixes she likes.
so each has a theme,my other sis is a candle nut.and my mum loves there im set.i might even do it for my niece and nephew. my brothers and their wives decided a grab would be...
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What a problem I had.

Posted 07-14-2008 at 04:41 PM by Mumof2

A few weeks ago,I called My local Cable Co. For service,To my HUGE suprise The man on the other end sid "There is an outstanding bill on this Social Security Number" To which I said "Um,HUH??? Real great answer,right?
He Told me that a Man,from East Boston,Ma. was using my SSN!!!
Great,Now I need togo to the Police station,then goto my local cable co. office to file a report with both.
So I did just that a police woman took my info,calle the cable co. and they told her "Ah there is nothing we can do for her" the police woman said she was told to come down here and report it,and she did,now im trying to follow up with this and you're telling me that you ain't gonna do a thing? Cable CO. " No ma'am, it's just we never have had a police officer follow up with us".

So I had to laugh,even though I talked to about a dozen people just like the police woman did.they are not sure what happened,did HE do it to avoid a bill if he...
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