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Become an elf!
Form Description
You can be an elf right where you live and work for Santa -- as a secret spy!
Become an elf!
Your Real First Name:*
We need to know exactly who you are
Your City and Country:*
What city do you live in and what country do you live in?
How is your eyesite?*
Santa needs sharp senses to notice things around your neighborhood?

How is your hearing?*
You don't have to hear to work for Santa as an elf or a Secret Spy. We just need to know how good your hearing is.

In 50 million words or less please explain why YOU should be an elf working for Santa.:*
It is an essay question! Think hard and be thorough.
Do you believe in Santa Claus?*
This is, of course, a very important question for anyone who wants to be an elf.

Are you on the Naughty List?*
Only Santa knows for sure. But what do YOU think?

Can you abide by the Elf Code of Ethics and keep all the rules like any elf at the North Pole?*
Even Santa has rules.

Are you talented in the following areas (Check all that apply):*
Everyone has talents. What are your special skills?

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