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ReineV 09-25-2008 08:56 AM

Describe the your PERFECT Christmas!
Since life gets in the way, not every Christmas is the ideal Christmas right? Whether it's because a family member can't attend or finances are tight, sometimes things just aren't as storybook as we wish they could be! So now, take the time to tell all us the story of your perfect Christmas. From a quiet night at home with just you and your hubby to a big family party! Give us the complete rundown!

Here's mine:

December 23: My oldest sister and her husband (they haven’t been able to spend a Christmas with us for a loooong time) will fly in from Phoenix and after getting settled, the entire family will pile into vans to drive up to a large log cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. During the late afternoon, we'll go to a nearby Christmas tree farm and cut one down ourselves. We'll put it on the roof of our car and take it back to the cabin to decorate it and have hot cocoa and egg nog. We'll spend the evening watching Christmas movies. As the sun sets, snow will begin to silently fall.

December 24: When we wake up, several inches have collected on the ground, but the snow is still falling! My fiancé and I cook the whole family a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and hash browns. After breakfast, we’ll go horseback riding at a local ranch in the snow then head back to the cabin where we’ll have more hot chocolate and watch more Christmas movies. That evening, my sisters and I will help my mother prepare her famous Christmas day dinner (something we haven’t been all together to do in about 10 years!). We’ll eat sandwiches or pizza for dinner since the next evening we’ll be eating so much! We all retreat to our separate areas of the cabin to finish wrapping gifts for each other before bed. At midnight, the couples in the family will exchange one gift as we sit around the tree and watch the lights flicker and dance before our eyes.

December 25: We’ll all wake up early and say a prayer together, gathered around the tree, holding hands and thanking God for allowing us to be together, celebrating and giving thanks. After, we’ll get back in the kitchen and really start to cook up the rest of Christmas dinner. We’ll laugh, talk and listen to the fire crackle in the fireplace. The snow outside has started up again. We’ll sit down and eat an early dinner, filling our bellies with honey ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, macaroni and cheese casserole, yams and collards. After everyone helps clear the table and put away the food, we’ll gather around the tree and hand out gifts. After everyone is buried waist-deep in shredded wrapping paper, we’ll have a slice of apple or pumpkin pie and watch one last Christmas movie…because the next morning we’ll head back down the mountain and back to reality. My sister will get back on the plane and go to Phoenix and all will be normal again. :(

That’s my perfect Christmas…

Tell yours!

Minta 09-25-2008 10:27 AM

That sounds wonderful.

Mine the short version ;)
Everyone safe and healthy, it start snowing on Christmas Eve and ending Christmas Night! A Full WHITE CHRISTMAS with my hubby and kids all snuggled and warm in our house!

Holiday 09-25-2008 11:08 AM

We had the "perfect" Christmas last fell just right. My brother & sil who live in MA were able to come home for a whole week. We had lots of family time, going out for dinner, we had a movie night at our house, (neices, nephews, parents, brothers, sisters, in laws ~ we watched Elf ~ some came in jammies...was so fun) I made a scrapbook for my Dad of his 80th b-day party pictures, which I was scrambling to get done before Christmas, but it was so fun to do & he absolutely loved it!! My brother from MA came over one night & stayed all night (til 11 or midnight,) just hung out w/ me & my hubby. We went house hopping on a Thursday night (girls night out) to several friends houses, we went to a Christmas party at our lake neighbors house (an hour away) we went house hopping with our neighbors. On a Saturday a close friend of mine came over & we baked cookies in the afternoon, her hubby came over later & we all went out to eat, then back to our house & watched Dennis The Menace Christmas. That same friend came over another day for the whole afternoon with their kids & we hung out, listened to Christmas music, & watched a Christmas special or 2. My work Christmas party was a lot of fun. Christmas Eve was wonderful, Christmas day was very nice. The whole month of December was just great. The only thing that would be better is if my hubby didn't have to work so many hours during the holidays...

Ms_Speedy_Elf 09-25-2008 11:54 AM

Like Minta's PERFECT Christmas mine too is short

My b/f and I living in our own cozy little cabin deep in the mountain's that we bought earlier in the year .It's furnished with handmade furniture ,quilts,candle's,oil lamp's ,a BIG fireplace ,you get the idea .cheesy We go all out on decorating the entire cabin from top to bottom and front to back inside and out with country Christmas style decoration's . When we go to bed on Christmas eve a BIG snow storm comes during the night and when we wake up on Christmas day,he hands me a tiny box that contains an engagement ring with a tiny diamond on it and he proposes to me .

trackrebel 09-25-2008 11:59 AM

@ReinV....that sounds so beautifull...everything...including the was watering my mouth!!!

now my perfect Christmas would be like that:

23 December: finacée, my daughter and I sit down and watch a Christmas movie, while drinking Glühwine (hot wine) and hot cocoa (for my babygirl) start snowing a bit....

waking up on December 24th I look out of the window and the snow is high enough to build a snowman....and that´s what we do before we get ready to go to my moms
there we have some nice Christmas Eve Lunch of American Style Turkey with all the sidedishs (has been my dream since I know American movies and sitcoms :D )....we then head to church to pray and celebrate the reason for the season...and of course sing Christmas Carols.

After that we drive over to my Grandparents...over there, my brother his wife, their four year old daughter and 6-week-old son (he will be born end of October....oh...then it will be 8 weeks), my cousin Frank, my other Cousin and his wife and my uncle and aunty...and my pops as well (my parents are divorced so usually he spends Christmas Eve alone...we celebrate together on the 25 or the 26) Grandfather puts on some German Christmas Songs...and we all sing along (usually it´s just my grandmother and us...a bit...) and after that...the kids are given their presents and start unwrap them....then us grownups.....after the presents are given out we head to the dining room and have a small diner of Noodle - Salad or Potatoe Salad and some fish sometimes or sausage and bread to make sandwiches of.....later on we drink so delicious homemade "Erdbeer Bowle"...the translater said strawberry punch or strawberry wine cooler....boy it´s so delicious...and I´m always glad my mom never I can have some of that delicous stuff....we have cookies talk, play with the kids and on....then we go home and sleep

the next two days would be spend with family and friends, playing games, playing with the kids, watching Christmas movies and listening to christmas songs.

ReineV 09-26-2008 06:07 AM

All of your Christmases sound bright and cozy! I hope we all get our perfect Christmas one of these years!! But until then, I'll still enjoy the season, whether it's perfect or not!! :)

joyful 09-26-2008 06:37 AM

My perfect Christmas would be to celebrate it in Sept. or Oct. so travel would be a little bit safer (no ice or snow on the roads).
To spend Christmas eve just as we do now, just hubby and me.
To have all my children and grandchildren arrive Christmas Day at our home to spend the day and night with us.
To have my parents back once again to spend a glorious Christmas Day with us all.

kerst 09-26-2008 08:25 AM

ReineV you just presented us the most wonderful Christmas ! It is just the way I would love it to be.

My Christmas would already be perfect if the whole family would be gathered around the tree with smiles on their faces. A nice layer of snow outside, just enough to cover everything but not so much that we'd get snowed in. A fire in the fireplace, soft christmas music in the background. Presents for everybody (received with no complaints) and of course a perfectly cooked dinner. Delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Late afternoon taking a walk in the snow... After dinner watching "the sound of music", a family favorite.

Sunshine73 09-30-2008 09:06 PM

My perfect Christmas would begin with my brother coming home safe and sound (he's active USAF) a few days before Christmas.

Sanity Clause 10-03-2008 05:55 PM

24th December 2008-Christmas games, Christmas cartoons such as "Father Christmas" and "The Grinch who stole Christmas." Christmas CDs/music on the radio. Piles of presents under the tree, and a lovely Christmas midnight chat on Yahoo Messenger and on the phone with my girlfriend. A stocking packed full of good Christmas things.

25th December 2008-I would open my stocking and enjoy the gifts, open my presents under the tree as the others open theirs, listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas games. I would feast on turkey and Christmas pudding until my belly was full, pull crackers, chat to my girlfriend and think of how people are enjoying themselves in this Holy Day.

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