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Ms_Speedy_Elf 10-22-2008 07:36 AM

Does Your S/O LOVE Christmas Too?
S/O meaning Significant Other

Do they get into Christmas as much as you do? With the decorating of the tree and putting up the light's and other decoration's outside .Helping with the Christmas shopping .Cooking/baking .Get excited about the first snow .Listen to the music ,watch the holiday show's.

My b/f of 5 and 1/2 year's likes Christmas but not as much as I do . He decorates the outside by putting up the light's and the nativity .He loves to shop and I love it when he helps out in the kitchen as he is a better cook than I 'am .

I've bought a lot of "new" Christmas decoration's this year at yard sale's and flea market's . He told me that we're gonna have to find a bigger house so I will have place's to put it all up . :D

Do they love Christmas enough that they would join MMC? As for mine ...I would have to say ,No. :(

pinkini 10-22-2008 07:42 AM

haha. he enjoys the holiday but no, he is not into it like i am. he would never join MMC and thinks i am a little crazy, in a good way ;)

Mumof2 10-22-2008 07:49 AM

Im getting him there,my kids LOVE christmas though..

JOHNOR 10-22-2008 08:03 AM

good thread!

my S/O and i have been together for just under 6 years, before i met him, he kinda liked christmas but was not the type to look forward to it, since then every year he has slowly gotten more and more festive. he now really likes the season and likes to enjoy it the best he can with christmas movies/music/lots of food and drink etc..

he's not quite as christmas crazy as us lot, but he definately enjoys it.

Santa's Helper 10-22-2008 08:18 AM

My husband once said that he didn't like Christmas! But, he changed his mind after 1 Christmas with me. He likes when I decorate and bake but, he's not into it like I am. Sometimes he'll come down to the game room and he'll hear the stereo playing and then he'll say, "Hun, It's July! Why are we listening to Christmas music?" I tell him to be quiet that I like it! He goes along with stuff because he knows that it means a lot to me. I plan my whole life around how things will affect Christmas. He's gotten into the spirit a little bit more each year, one time he even said that on his way home from work he switched to a radio station that was playing Christmas music and he actually left it there. He doesn't like snow, he hates decorating and he shops online for me for everything! He lets me do everything else. The only decoration he will put up is the big wreath on the side of the house. He loves that wreath so he'll put that up but, that's it. If I need help outside he'll help but, I usually work alone. I do all the trees, outside lights, shopping, wrapping gifts, baking and planning. He just shows up and makes sure my gifts are wrapped. The 1 thing he does for me is he knows how I am like a kid when it comes to Christmas and I don't want to see all of the gifts under the tree before the morning comes so, he lets me put his stuff out first. Then I go to bed and he finishes wrapping my gifts and arrainges them around the tree. He leaves the tree on too because I like to wake up to the tree being on. Then when I get up in the morning it's more of a surprise to see all of the gifts under the tree! I love it. He knows better than to mess with my Christmas and so does everybody else in my life! He also likes to watch some Christmas movies but, not all year like I do. He likes Elf, Christmas Vacation and he'll let me watch Christmas Story for the entire 24 hours if I want!:tree:

Ms_Speedy_Elf 10-22-2008 08:21 AM

Oh I forgot to add that my b/f does the majority of the gift wrapping too ,as he is also better at doing that as well.

snowytree 10-22-2008 09:03 AM

My husband does love Christmas, but he would probably not join MMC.

Santa's Helper 10-22-2008 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by snowytree (Post 114992)
My husband does love Christmas, but he would probably not join MMC.

My husband won't be joining MMC anytime soon either. Every time he comes downstairs and sees me on the computer he says, "Sheesh! Are you on that forum again?"

SparkleNana 10-22-2008 09:07 AM

I say Ditto to what SnowyTree said!

Annette1990 10-22-2008 09:09 AM

He likes it...but not like I do. =)

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