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Mr Walker 11-26-2008 07:09 AM

My two Christmas specialties...
You ready for these?

First you need to find a couple half gallons of Peppermint Ice Cream
(I think ice creams are different by region, so here by me I can buy Edy's Peppermint or Turkey Hill Peppermint Stick)

Specialty #1...

Take some Peppermint ice cream and put it between 2 Chips Ahoy cookies and voila... you have little Christmas Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Specialty #2...
Let the ice cream get soft... go buy one of those 'Oreo' or 'Chocolate graham cracker' pie crusts... shovel a bunch of ice cream into it... and then buy some of that Chocolate Magic Shell ice cream topping and squirt it all over the top of the ice cream, throw it in the freezer and voila... you have a Christmas Ice Cream Pie!

My old classmate Rachel ain't got nothing on Old Man Walker!

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