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Elf Ernest 12-07-2008 11:32 PM

What is it like being an elf?
>> From Connor, age 10: Hi!! bernard what is it like being an elf. do you ever get to see sants??? your buddy Connor

Hi Connor,

Bernard asked me to answer for him, I hope that is ok.

Being an elf is a lot of hard work, to be honest with you. We work long days.

But, you have to understand that we don't look at it as work. We love what we do and when you love what you do it doesn't matter how much time it takes, how much money you make or even what your days are like. If you love it, you love.

And we all love it.

Yes, we likely get to see Santa more than most people. He talks to us alot. He's the boss! But there are times of the year when he is very busy and we don't get to see him. Like this time of the year.

But there is nothing like the life of an elf. I think Elf Ed is going to write about that soon.

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