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JayIsh 01-04-2009 06:16 PM

A Fantastic December!
Our little station launched almost 46,000 streams for a total of 17,000 listener hours and had 61,000 visits to the station site and all of this in the month of December alone! We also have regular listeners from all over the world...I counted fifty countries the last time I counted...Christmas is alive and well folks!!!

Thank you for the huge support that receives from the good folks at You all make it fun!


CharlestonNole 01-04-2009 06:53 PM

Jay, that is awesome. And thank you for everything!

SparkleNana 01-04-2009 06:55 PM

People all over the world? Wow, that gives me chills! Great work, Jay!

Jeff Westover 01-04-2009 08:06 PM

Awesome work, Sir Jay. Imagine how big Christmas 2009 will be!

trackrebel 01-05-2009 02:44 AM

You guys are doing a great job with that radio.....I´m shame tho....I haven´t listened to MMC Radio all December.....I listened to my own cds and stuff....still...I somehow always forgots

MerryCarey 01-05-2009 09:13 AM

Great numbers! Go Jay!

Faith4always 01-05-2009 04:04 PM

You guys are just rock star awesome!

Storeytime 01-05-2009 11:46 PM

Great job Jay and JonD! Thanks again for playing my tune.

JOHNOR 01-06-2009 08:27 AM

brilliant! i am so pleased!

JanaBanana 01-06-2009 04:13 PM


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