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jack_skellington_fan 05-23-2009 03:08 AM

Christmas Eve traditions??
Hi All

Our evening starts at about 7pm, my little boy has had breakfast and goes in the bath, at which point a magic elf sneaks in and puts a present under the tree - which is new PJS.
Out of the bath and dressed in his PJS
We then sit down and have a hot chocolate and some biscuits ( which he helps bake the day before)
We check to see where father Christmas is on the Norad site
We get Santas milk and biscuits ready on his special plate
Ben sprinkles magic reindeer food outside.
Then puts his stocking on his bed
then off to bed, tuck him in and read him the night before Christmas before he goes to sleep at about 8pm - 8.15.

Then I have a Christmas eve tradition that I always wrap my boyfriends and little boys presents that night. I get everything i need at about 9pm - like paper, scissors, ribbon, etc and make myself a nice mug of hot chocolate and a box of maltesers and get to wrapping. Usually there's a Christmas or festive film on the Tv - although the last few years its either been Love Actually or Bridget Jones' Diary.

Then once Santa has eaten his biscuits and drunk his milk I go outside to check the reindeer's have eaten all there food. (its just oats and edible glitter so it swept down the end of the path) then go and fill his stocking up

Then last thing is some flour sprinkled on the floor around the presents and use one of boyfriends boots to make foot prints in. Then bed for me usually around midnight.

Then Ben wakes us up with his stocking, we check to see if the reindeer's have been and the food is gone, then we sneak through to the living room and peek through the door to see if the milk is gone, and then he goes in and sees all the snow and footprints.


olympicfan 05-24-2009 06:42 PM

we always have christmas pajamas to open and then we light a bunch of candals and sit around the christmas tree and sing carols

ballcoach 05-25-2009 07:49 AM

My wife has to work until around I get up with her and see her off. I go and have coffee with Mom until around noon and, for whatever reason, we use my laptop and her computer and play online poker. We love to do this and I don't even play cards! So anyways, we get together at my parent's house around 5:30 and eat with the family. There is usually about 10 or 12 of us there. Seeing as how we are all old, we don't buy everybody a gift. We get one gift under $30 and then play Dirty Santa. That is really fun. Plus, it's not about getting's about us being under the same roof. After all the people are gone....we usually stay behind and visit with my parents. Then, my wife and I go home (usually around 9 or 10) and give our dogs their presents. We will watch movies, also. It has been a tradition of mine since I was around 10 or 11 to watch Christmas Carol. However, this wife insisted that I change it...and we watched Christmas Vacation and laughed our heads off! Man, I can't wait for this Christmas Eve!

MsChristmas 05-25-2009 10:28 AM

Sounds like so much fun! My Son is 2 years old so we dont have any real big traditions yet. We do the same stuff we use to such as..go over the in laws on Christmas Eve (my Parents are usually invited also..which is nice)... have Christmas morning over my Parents and I have Christmas dinner at my house. I cant wait until this Christmas though since my Son will be almost 3 years old I think we will be able to really start some good traditions for our family! I will have another Son by that time as well (around 4 months old).. lots to look forward to this year cheesy


emski4379 05-25-2009 10:58 AM

We usually let DS open one present-new PJs. We generally spend the day not doing much. Running around doing last minute Christmas things, getting the food ready, etc. Then we get together with our neighbors and have dinner. After dinner, the boys get to play before they head home. Then we go for a family walk to see the lights, come home, do bath, Night Before Christmas, and bed. We make sure to leave cookies and milk for Santa though. We also talk about why the baby Jesus is in the manger now. Then DH and I pop in a movie, and get to wrapping! We build the Santa toys and leave them on the fireplace, and put the rest under the tree.

This year, DD will be about 14 months, so we may have to change things up (she was about 2.5 months last Christmas). I like the reindeer food and Santa's footprint ideas!

Minta 05-26-2009 08:15 AM

There are 2 magical elves that visit the kids from Dec 1 to Dec 24. When the kids wake up on Christmas Eve morning they will have found a note explaining that the elves had to go back to the North Pole to help Santa get ready for his big night and a present (new PJs) under their tree in their bedroom. Later in the day we will let the kids open their gift from each other (a toy) and open one gift from their grandmom. We spend the day relaxing and watching Christmas shows/movies. I'll spend part of the day getting the food ready for the next day. Through out the day the kids will check on Santa's location via Norad.
After dinner we wait for Santa to come around the neighborhood on the local firetruck. The kids know that this not the REAL Santa but one of his helpers making sure the kids are behaving and getting ready. Then it's bath time and putting on their new PJ's. We will all relax in the living room and watch Polar Express and or another Christmas movie. We will munch on homemade Christmas cookies and drink hot chocolate. Right before bed time the kids will check Norad to see where Santa is and then get his milk and cookies out.
We tuck the kids into bed and read then The Christmas Story and Twas the Night Before Christmas.
Hubby and I will relax some more and watch another Christmas movie. Right before we got to bed "Santa" makes his visit. Before he leaves our house he will place a gift fro each kid under the Christmas Tree in their bedroom.
It's off to bed for us....

ballcoach 05-26-2009 07:56 PM

I love reading what other people do on Christmas Eve. Thanks for sharing!

MsChristmas 05-27-2009 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by ballcoach (Post 164040)
I love reading what other people do on Christmas Eve. Thanks for sharing!

Me too! Its so much fun to get new ideas and see what others do that may be different or the same as your own family!


trackrebel 05-27-2009 08:09 AM

After getting up in the morning we have breakfast and just take it easy....usually watch some Christmas cartoons and play a bit....and I do some houseowork around 12 we are leaving to get to my moms place....there we usually eat a little sumthin....sandwich...nothing fancy.....there we spend some quality time and play starts at we leave to get a nice seat at around 3:45...after Church we usually visit the cemetary to say Merry Christmas to our deceased loved ones...and when that is done...we go to my grandparent´s cookies, sing Christmas Carols and open Christmas presents....then we are up to our place where we are eating something...then Kandice and her daddy go to Kandice´s room so I can prepare the living room for the big moment....I light all the candles, light the tree, put the presents under the tree and put on some music....of course before we do that...Kandice brings a glas of milk and cookies for when I am done with everything....I ring a little bell...which is the sign that Santa and the Christkind (they come together in my house....since the tradition in my family is that the Christkind comes...but in Africa, if´s Santa Clause of Father Christmas)....anyway...even tho Christmas Eve seems to be very fool...we love it like´s been like that ever since I was little.

the other two Christmas Days are spend with big dinners...more presents, more music and more movies....:D....just perfect....sometimes a little walk as well

Bradmac 05-27-2009 08:46 AM

I had no idea Christmas pajamas were such a common tradition!

Christmas Eve I usually help my brother with shopping that he has put off till that day. We go for communion at church with a short service, then off to the in-laws for a big dinner and presents with them. My wife is the youngest of six children, so when they are all there with their own families, it can get very busy (and loud)!

Then we go home and let the kids open one present...the pajamas...and they love it! They can't wait for their Christmas PJs. We get the milk & cookies ready for Santa, then off to bed.

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