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loksi 07-14-2009 11:17 PM

Halloween decorations in the store
For all the Spook Night enthusiasts out there, the kids and I were in Michael's today and saw they were putting out their Halloween deco's - and some fall stuff too. Hobby Lobby didn't have any H'ween but had lots of T'giving/Fall and Christmas items all over.

Man....I just love the Fall.... but my wife thinks I'm just a bit too crazy for it. :pumpkin:

Wenceslaus 07-14-2009 11:47 PM

Two Sundays ago I visited Michaels, and they already had a half-aisle of Halloween items, including a number of Lemax Spooky Town pieces. A clerk was busy at a counter carving a hole into one of their fake pumpkins, and placing a Spooky Town Mortuary inside.

By now, who knows, there may be a whole aisle of Halloween merchandise. I'll have to go back soon.

Christmas-A-Holic 07-15-2009 06:45 AM

I went to Hobby Lobby on July 4th and they were still putting Christmas stuff out and had quite a bit. I can't wait to go back and see the rest! I did see a few Halloween decorations at a Dollar Tree.

ILuvChristmas 07-17-2009 06:08 PM

I have seen the Spooky Town from Lemax. I have some pieces from last year that I got with 50% off coupon from Michaels before they go on sale later..then you can't use the coupons. I was in Tuesday Morning today and they have the Dept.56 Glitterville light up fiber-optic( I believe) pumpkin and witch head, and purple, black,and orange spiders but they're not the Dept.56 ones, but look just as nice. They were also getting in CHRISTMAS! LOL

ballcoach 07-17-2009 11:04 PM

haven't been to Hobby Lobby since last Christmas...but we might just have to go by there this weekend....we've never really decorated for Halloween, but I think we are going to this year.....

Christmas-A-Holic 07-18-2009 12:33 PM

Just got back from Garden Ridge and they have some Halloween decorations. They also have shelves cleared with a sign that Christmas decorations coming soon!

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