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SilentNight08 11-01-2009 05:43 PM

Christmas List Countdown-2009
I am sorry if someone already has started something similar to this, I could not find it!

Join in if you want, posting your Christmas list and keeping a running of things you got, when you get them. This can help everyone with their ideas and also have a place where you can hide your Christmas list from those who like to peek at it! You can include everyone you need to buy for, or whatever you would like!

My Christmas List-2009 (work in progress)

Husband- 2 pair of boxers, Under Armor top, in the window bird feeder w/ one way mirror

Mom- new set of pots and pans, children's story book classic The Night Before Christmas, a candle warmer

Dad- same in house bird feeder as DH

Brother (22)- dress clothes for student teaching, Sabres hockey book

Brother (18)- Wii game Smash Bros.

Brother (9)- Mario PJ's

MIL- framed picture decor,

Nephew (2)-
Nephew (4 mnths)-


God Daughter- outfit

Friend (4)- cars PJ's
Friend (7)- Old Navy PJ's

Cousin (26)- Name plate for her desk at school

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