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rodmonster 08-26-2010 12:17 PM

Short Story Time...
For kicks and giggles...write a short Christmas based story and post for all to enjoy...nothing major - just for fun.....

rodmonster 08-26-2010 12:18 PM

Snow Boots
As she peered around the corner she could see Jimmy walking with what looked like a small limp. Upon better examination she could see the sole of one shoe was not as thick as the other, part of it had simply fallen off due to age, thereby giving him a lopsided stager. In addition she could actually see his toe now on the right shoe – the same one she heard the other kids making fun of at recess early that morning.
She now knew she had but one choice to make, yet execution would be difficult as to not humiliate him. Maybe a box with the boots she had won left by his family’s doorstep? No…they would be missing as soon as the street lights begin to glow. Perhaps mailing them directly? No….the expected blizzard was in less than two days and he would need these boots just to make it to and from the front stoop to shovel out the walk way – not to mention to school if they kept it open…which they always do. No, this would have to be a very clever scheme. If only he could have won the boots at the raffle instead of her…….wait….that’s it! Sarah began to plot out how she would hold a raffle – one that had her older brother, younger sister, and of course Jimmy. He would never know that she had put it together, that there were only the four of them, and that he was already the winner.
By the next morning she had her family on board and had tickets written out. At lunchtime she asked Jimmy if he had bought his ticket yet. Her brother and sister both stood by eating their lunches with fake tickets in hand. Jimmy of course could not afford even a small amount toward a ticket or anything else for that matter. He smiled and responded “naaa… I would just lose anyway…”. This was her cue. “Jimmy”, she said, “I bought a few extras. Take one of mine - I will just lose them by the time I get home anyway”. A bit confused and slightly excited he said, “Thank You", smiled, and went back to eating the apple be had brought for his lunch.
At the end of the last period Sarah was ready to go. She ran home and retrieved the boots as quick as her legs would take her. The snow had already begun to fall that day and she was worried the blizzard might begin a bit earlier than predicted so she asked her brother to walk with her to Jimmy’s house. Once they arrived they noticed Jimmy outside already shoveling the thin layer of snow that had fallen. Sarah did her best to hold back a huge smile and shriek of giddiness as she told him he had won a prize at the raffle. Jimmy’s face lit up with excitement. He was almost overwhelmed. After peeking hesitantly into the box he exclaimed, “These are PERFECT! I know exactly how to use these!” Sarah congratulated him and went home floating over the snow with love in her heart and happiness running through her soul.
The next morning she could hardly wait to see him in his new black snow boots – warm covered toes and all. Eight inches of snow had fallen last night and more was on its way.
As Sarah walked up to the school entrance she could see the older boys laughing at Jimmy. Could they be making fun of his new boots? Certainly not….. As she walked by she could see he was sitting in the snow with one shoe off shaking the snow out of the hole where his toe generally hung out. Wait! Where are the boots? Sarah was blazing mad. After all she had done for him, he didn’t even wear the boots. How ungrateful could someone be? She stormed by him with her nose in the air and went directly to class.
By the end of the day she had calmed down to a light steam but was still very upset. As she walked home in the fluffy snow she begin to think – and talk out loud. “I bet he sold them”, she said to herself. “He probably has a pocket full of new baseball cards right now!”, she shouted.
“Baseball Cards?” someone said back to her…. Sarah looked back to see good ol Harry the local homeless man that slept behind the school dumpster every now and again. Harry was harmless enough. He had fallen on hard times forty years ago and had never recovered. “Baseball Cards” he said again to her…..”Here I have some here that I found. You take them”. Sarah thought to herself – this crazy old coot has no idea what I am talking about……. “No thank you Harry” she said, trying to be polite. Harry responded, “No – please take them – they will do you more good than me”. Sarah sighed a bit, shrugged her shoulders, thanked him, and took the handful cards that had seen much better days. As she took the cards from his trembling shivering hands two feel to the ground. Upon reaching down to pick them up – there they were – shinny and new and as black as coal….the boots….
All she could do was say “Merry Christmas and God Bless You”…and for the first time in her young life….she finally truly understood what that meant….

RadioJonD 08-26-2010 12:39 PM

Yellow Snow
Ah! Winter at the Kennel! I always love this time of year!

Christmas will be here before we know it! The stalls and pens will be decorated with holly and red bows! Fresh cedar chips will be placed in the bedding on the floor. Boxes of milk bones will be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree. All the animals will be wearing red and green collars along with felt antlers and cute Santa caps!

Soon we'll be walking the dogs in the fresh fallen snow. I just can't figure why the boss bought that bottle of vanilla extract and a bag of sprinkling sugar .

rodmonster 08-26-2010 07:32 PM


rodmonster 08-27-2010 11:18 PM

Come on folks!
I know we have some writers out there!

rodmonster 08-28-2010 02:37 PM

Anyone? ok ok.... how about just a few lines and we can all help to add on to it?

Christmas-A-Holic 08-28-2010 06:05 PM

I don't know how I missed this thread! It was posted 2 days ago.

I read half of it but now my daughter just called and she is on her way over. I will read the rest in a little bit. Very good so far!

By the way, I am not a writer! Lol. I will enjoy reading what everyone else writes. cheesy

Edit: I am back and read it. Great stories! Looking forward to more!

George Broderick, Jr. 09-01-2010 07:32 AM

Santa Smackdown

The Ninja Warriors' plan had almost reached fruition. They had invaded the White House and taken the First Family hostage. Soon their demands for a free Napal would be met. Or so they thought. In spite of all their meticulous planning and months of training, they had overlooked one thing. They hadn't counted on... Santa Claus!

"Aaiieee! It is Jolly Old Saint Nicholas!" wailed the Ninja squad leader as Santa burst forth from the fireplace flue.

"He sees us when we are sleeping and KNOWS when we are awake! We are doomed!" cried another.

"Ho ho ho, boys!" snarled Santa, "I'm about to go all Holly Jolly Old School on your behinds!"

Outside, Rudolph and Blitzen had just taken out two ninjas with their own nunchuks.

Please continue...

rodmonster 09-01-2010 12:01 PM

part 2
while Hermey the elf secured another ninja with tinsel and Christmas Tree lights....
"HA" he said..."lets see how those teeth look! I bet we could stand to lose one or two....or a dozen" SMACK!

The ninjas called back to their home base for reinforecemnts... "Ninjas to Cobra Comander...we need backup!" Cobra commanded his troops to call in the big guns. They deployed the Grinchinator 3000.....wiht a heart so small not even the sweetest child with the cutest face could penetrate....

next person please continue.....

Christmasstar 09-09-2010 05:44 PM

Where is it she said aloud again, looking under the bed. I had it yesterday, no way it could have disappeared so quickly. Hanna sat on the bed and thought. I looked everywhere in the house, even in the mouse hole which was silly since it was too big to fit in there!
Tomorrow is Christmas and if I don't hang up my stocking, it won't get filled. I could use one of my socks, but they are so small I would hardly get anything. Why could I not have big feet like daddy has? That's it! I will sneak into his room and borrow one of his socks. Better make sure it is a clean one though or Santa might faint!
I bring the sock to daddy and he is laughing so hard he almost drops it! With hands on my hips and stomping my foot I want to know what is so funny!!!! He scoops me up and starts to tickle me, now I am laughing too.
Get the hammer he says when we stop laughing. I get to help him hang up my stocking so it is ready for Santa to come.
Just before bedtime we put out milk and cookies because they are Santa's favorite food and he needs a snack when working so hard.
Good night everyone!!

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