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Jeff Westover 10-19-2010 11:22 PM

Merry Podcast #2
Hello all,

We are pleased to announce the release MMC's Podcast #2. This episode runs 31 minutes long and is packed with lots of merry information. The file is about 30mb.

To download it, right click here to "save as".

In reference to the many pages, liinks and features mentioned in the podcast, we provide the following for your review:
I know some of you are going to ask -- the great music used to open and close the podcast comes from Jon Schmidt.

In regards to some of the other information referred to about the Live365 VIP promo, Santa's and the Card and Ornament Exchanges please see the Front Office forum for more details.

Please note that this program will be expanded into a new radio show at Merry Christmas Radio to debut this weekend, where the items previewed in the podcast can be heard in their full versions.


Undrtakr 10-20-2010 08:34 PM

Thanks again Jeff. Wonderful to hear them. I'm saving them all so they can be enjoyed all year round!

lilnoelelf 10-21-2010 12:09 AM

Thanks so much Mr. Jeff. My husband got to hear his first podcasts today, and he loved them!!! he is now a hightech redneck!!! LOL

Undrtakr 10-21-2010 03:38 AM

Its 5:37am and I can't sleep. I'm listening to the 2nd podcast and I LOVE the starting with all the Christmas movie mixes. Hope to hear more podcasts!

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