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Jeff Westover 11-22-2010 02:18 PM

How can I link my site on My Merry
As a service to the many who come here to promote their websites here is a guideline you can read and follow before getting banned for not following the rules.

We closely monitor links placed on MMC. We do this for many reasons, especially within these forums.

First, we don't want our discussion areas to become "spammy". We enjoy a festive environment and allowing willy-nilly posting of links and promos would put a damper on that.

Second, we offer sponsorships and advertising opportunities via our site, We owe it to those advertisers to look after their interests. They pay the bills around here and without them we would not exist. It would be wrong of us to allow free links here because of their contributions.

That being said, there are a number of ways to make your site or product known to our community.

1. Buy a sponsor membership. The option is made available in your user control panel. This would identify you as a sponsor, would allow you expaned profile information, inclusive of signature links and access to areas where posting promotions are allowed.

2. Buy a platinum membership. This gives you full access to the forums with full profile features, inclusive of signature links that would show on every post you make. Of course, if you only make one or two posts a year folks aren't likely to see your link this way. But if you are an active member of the community who will actually be a real person and share in the season with us on a personal level it could very well be worth your while -- and it will build your trust within the Christmas market.

3. Take advantage of our many free linking options at, Merry Top,, and

We don't want to ban you and you don't want to be banned. Please follow the rules as we set them up. We aggressively prosecute drive-by spammers and one-time spam posters.

Posts from new members are moderated. So, if you post without reading the rules not only will you get banned but no one will ever see what you posted. Please be smart and work within the rules we have established.


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