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KasperNymand 12-10-2010 08:13 AM

[Stories] Good/Bad Thing to Have!
This is a thread, where you start with a headline, called the thing you like/dislike to have/own.

Under that, you write a little story about, why you think that thing is either good or bad to have/own, and maybe it's good/bad in a specific situation.
Then write about that.

Those things don't have-to, be related to Christmas, Winter or anything else.
All things are accepted!


I think is good/bad to have, because.....

I decided to move this thread to 'Chit-Chat', instead of 'Fun & Games', because this actually isn't a game.
You don't have to write a sentence for the next user, you just have to write a story/situation about that thing, you think is Good to Have.
Maybe I've explained it wrong, sorry about that. :-)

I've made a another thread for the '[Game] Good/Bad to Have!':

George Broderick, Jr. 12-10-2010 08:45 AM

"I think is good to have, because..... "

...without it, Jeff Westover would have way too much free time on his hands and get into far too much mischief.

I think a box of Super Sugar Crisp is a good thing to have because...

KasperNymand 12-10-2010 08:55 AM

Merry Christmas Radio
Merry Christmas Radio

Yesterday (09-12-2010), I were at school, like an ordinary winter day.
In the 3rd lesson, we had German, and we were watching a movie called 'Herz im Kopf', and that was fine.
After about 45 minutes, we went out of the darkned "cinema-room" placed in the school library. Then we saw out of the window, and it were snowing like a wild!

But we went back to the classroom, after we had participated in a Christmas Quiz on the library, and continued the school-day.

But then short after the 5th lesson (we should have 7 lessons, that day), our Principal walked the school round to tell us the "news". He told us that we got off from school, the rest of the day, because of snow.
That was the first time, we've ever got off from school, because of snow.

(I think the reason were, that the school-busies, didn't know if they could continue the plan, the rest of the day.)

That was fine, and I packed my stuff together, and walked towards the bus.
Actually I first called my dad to pick me up at the school, but he didn't answered the phone.

But the bus, which were already there, was only for people with a "Buss-Card" (that day), and I didn't have a "Buss-Card", because I normally use my mountain-bike to commute, to and from school.
He told us, that we had to wait for the next bus, which would be "No Bus-Card Friendly".
But I decided to walk home, instead of waiting.

So I graped my hat and mittens, and started the application Tune-In Radio (by: RadioTime) on my Android smartphone. Picked up my in-ear headphones, and tuned into the the Merry Christmas Radio, via the Mobile Internet connection. :-)

Then I just walked towards my house (just about 2-3 km away), with Christmas music in the ears, and a wonderful view, of the snow falling slowly to the ground.

I think there fell about 10 cm of snow in about an hour, it's not really much, but we had already got much of snow, in the past days and weeks.

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