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ReineV 11-15-2006 11:35 AM

Wanna hear something really weird???
Every year during the holiday season I have a sort of nightmare about Christmas. It's kind of weird because I have it EVERY's never the same, but it's got the same elements. Most of the time, the dream is about time somehow speeding up and before I know it, it's Christmas night and I somehow missed the festivities of Christmas eve and day. Last night I had my annual, missing Christmas dream. I usually have it much much closer to the holidays. My dream last night was this:

I went to sleep at my moms house after getting home after my graduation arolund December 8. For some reason, when I wake up the next morning it's the 18th or something like that. I eventually brush off the weird feeling I have and go get our Christmas tree and decorate it. I go to sleep that night again and wake up to doors closing and talking in the living room. I get out of bed to discover that it's still night time. I walk out into the living room and find my mom saying goodbye to my aunts, cousins, my sister and her husband. I asked what was going on and they say they're going home. I ask why they were there in the first place and they look at me kinda weird and say, "To have Christmas dinner..." I start freaking out and run to the kitchen to discover a half-eaten turkey and tupperware stuffed with leftovers. Then I go to the living room and find no more presents under the tree....I had MISSED CHRISTMAS!!! In the midst of ranting about no one waking me up to have Christmas, I end up 'waking up' but not in real my dream. I'm riding in my friends car and as soon as I open my eyes I ask my friend what day it is. She's all calm and says, "The seventh of December...why?"

WEIRD huh??? Do any of you have any weird holiday dreams???

Christy Carol 11-15-2006 12:00 PM

YES!! I dream the same thing. In fact I had posted it on here somewhere when I first joined. Normally around October I will start dreaming that it is Christmas day and somehow I have missed the entire season. I have missed all the shows, movies, songs and decorating. In my dream I am so upset....I cant believe someone else dreams the same thing. Do we have a doctor in the house? I think we need to be analyzed!! :o

sheepsnot 11-15-2006 12:38 PM

I had a dream that I went to the gas station and the guy behind the counter says they sent back all the eggnog yesterday! Ahhhhhhh! OK, I don't have weird dreams like that. To know that two of you have them makes it especially weird, though comforting to each of you, I'm sure. Maybe these guys can help you out:

Ervserver 11-16-2006 10:59 PM

other night I had a dream on Thanksgiving the bake element burned out on the stove. Microwaved turkey suks

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