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christmas87 10-03-2011 10:05 AM

halloween music on music choice
Halloween music will start playing on the music choice channel sounds of the season on oct 15.just a heads up just in case everybody didnt know.

christmas87 10-05-2011 07:02 AM

I looked on the sounds of rthe season channel yesterday and i saw that halloween music has started already.

xmas365 10-05-2011 07:45 AM

I saw it on this morning. cheesy 26 more days until Christmas music is on it.

christmas87 10-05-2011 08:19 AM

yup cant wait for says it starts on november 2nd but i think its goin to on the 1st like it did last year.and since halloween music started earlier then what it said im sure it will.

GingerMel 10-05-2011 09:04 AM

Music Choice? Is that available on Dish?

I thought Oct15 sounded a little late.

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