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gabulldawg 11-19-2011 10:29 AM

Are you going to travel this Thanksgiving?
I was just wondering how many of you are going to travel more than 50 miles this coming Thanksgiving? And by which method of travel will you be using? According to AAA travel will be up 2 percent Vs 2010 despite the bad ecomony. This year I will be flying to my folks home in Portland,Or. with a stopover in Denver,Co. but I will try to beat the worst crowds by going on Monday vs weds! how about you guys?

ballcoach 11-19-2011 01:37 PM

Well, we travel more than 50 miles to drive to my in-laws house. But it's all interstate and takes us around 40 minutes. Not a bad trip, at all. We will drive up and have a great supper with them Thanksgiving night.

judesmama 11-19-2011 04:13 PM

We used to travel the suburbs and do a lot of running around when we lived n the city... now we're back in my hometown and travel about a mile! It's quite nicE!

xmastidings 11-19-2011 04:17 PM

I plan to travel back an forth from the lazy Boy to the kitchen many times...:lol:


xmas365 11-19-2011 08:24 PM

I am traveling 4 miles north to my wife's aunt and uncle's house. cheesy

MerryCarey 11-20-2011 10:13 AM

We usually have Thanksgiving just for the two of us. We may not even leave the house that day!

kgstyles 11-20-2011 10:27 AM

I'm flying to Chicago for a few days to be with my family.

joyful 11-20-2011 01:19 PM

My road will be from the sink to the stove and eventually the dining table. Staying home,
cooking , cleaning up, watching the parades and enjoying family.

Holiday 11-21-2011 07:32 AM

Party at our house this year! 40+ people with my niece & her family traveling the farthest - driving 192 miles with 3 small boys! EEK! :D

lmm8606 11-22-2011 07:13 AM

Nope! We'll be driving about 15 minutes to my husband's aunt's house on Thanksgiving .. then driving about 10 minutes to my mom's house the Saturday after Thanksgiving, for another dinner! :)

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