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ElfBot Shopper 11-23-2011 11:40 AM

Grand Cascades Offer Unique and Beautiful Design Ideas Cascade Lights on TreeNew Decorations

The Season is upon us. All over town, Christmas decorations are being put up in window fronts and store displays. Trees are being trimmed, lights are being hung, and children are writing their wish lists to Santa.

Like years previous, LED technology is all the rage. Because LEDs are very bright, save a tremendous amount of energy, and maintain spectacular colors, they continue to be popular with decorators. This year, Grand Cascade Lights are quickly becoming the hot new item to decorate with.

Unique Effect

Like graceful snowflakes falling through the sky, Grand Cascade Lights give off a unique snowy effect. Lights start at the top of the tube and gently trickle down like snowflakes through the air. Light speed is variable; light may fall quickly in one instance while it falls slowly another.

Cascades pull the eye and work well on trees and roof lines. Because they are LED, they are bright and instantly gather attention. To view an LED Snowfall in action, watch the video:

Different Styles

There are two types of snowfall lights, the Grand Cascade Tubes as mentioned before and the Falling Icicle Lamps. The Grand Cascade Tube, as seen in the video, is a long plastic tube with lights that drip down the center. While the Falling Icicle Lamps have the same light display, they are shaped more like icicles hanging gracefully from the side of a frozen roof line. Cascade BulbsThe effects are startling. While the Grand Cascade Tubes look like snowflakes falling to the ground, the Falling Icicle Lights bring forth an image of a melting icicle on a cold winter day. Both types of Cascades, however, are outstandingly unique and beautiful.

Bright Colors and Customizable Lengths

Like other LEDs, Cascades come in several brilliant colors. Cool White, Blue, Red, Green, and Amber lights are all available. For ultimate customization, Cascades come in different sizes ranging from 5" to 36".

If you're looking for a new way to decorate this holidays, try LED Grand Cascades.


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