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How to Make Decorating Easter Eggs Fun for Everyone Easter eggs is a tradition with most families, from basic coloring of eggs to 3D crafts and Easter projects. While dipping eggs in dye is fun for toddlers, engaging older kids and other adults decorating Easter eggs can be challenging. Imagination and fun is key to retaining the interest of an older crowd, so the idea is to present Easter egg ideas that allow for personalization and entertainment.

Creating egg people using a variety of themes and materials is a lively way to attract an entire household. Go the extra step and invite guests and neighbors, or turn into a party with a few beverages and snacks to inspire revelry. Create egg people that are more than dyed Easter eggs with faces drawn in marker - master how to make Easter eggs transform into personalities on a platform.

To make Easter egg people, a hot glue gun (or several) and colorful hard boiled dyed Easter eggs are a must. Gather a large supply of craft materials with various themes. Use pipe cleaners, googly eyes, stickers, pompoms, foam pieces, popsicle sticks, and anything else you have lying around the house. Small toys, wigs, and doll clothes all work well. Anything you can incorporate into the scenery becomes part of the fun with this Easter project. Set the table with bowl of various supplies, and hot glue guns within arm's reach.

When everyone is finished, line up the different Easter eggs and enjoy the enthusiastic commenting. Let each person pose with his or her egg person. Don't forget a very important fact: boiled eggs do go bad, and these are not a decoration to save for next year!

Easter Egg pictures: past, present, Luau Egg Farmer in the Dell Bunny...Egg Egg Scary Pumpkin Egg Turkey Egg Christmas Elf EggPass these Easter egg ideas along and share with family and friends!

These Easter egg pictures were brought to you by the families at Christmas Lights Etc. Read more about Easter decorations with Easter Lights and Easter Decorating Ideas.


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