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masquerade2010 07-19-2012 01:31 AM

Hello from a newbie
Well it is definitely too early for merry Christmas so I will just say hi. I live in the UK and stumbled across this lovely site.:snowball:

whychristmas 07-19-2012 02:21 AM

Welcome, masquerade2010!

Maureen 07-19-2012 04:58 AM

It's NEVER too early for Merry Christmas!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Good to see you :D

snowflake22 07-19-2012 05:39 AM

Hello & Welcome to MMC, masquerade2010!! :tree:

Meceka 07-19-2012 06:13 AM

Welcome, masquerade2010!

Bradmac 07-19-2012 07:06 AM

I agree with Maureen: around here, it's never too early for a big MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Welcome to MMC!

Lacim84 07-19-2012 07:21 AM

Welcome to MMC!

Solice 07-19-2012 09:20 AM

Welcome to MMC!

Merry Christmas in July! =]

Ddeby 07-19-2012 09:46 AM

Welcome and Merry Christmas....early or not! :???:

Yuletide Junkie 07-20-2012 04:51 PM

Welcome, masquerade2010! You just wanted to see how many people you could get to wish you glad tidings by claiming it was too early to do so. It worked! Merry Christmas!!!

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