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ElfBot Shopper 11-02-2012 04:00 PM

How to Make Chicken Wire Balls with Christmas Lights
Making crafts with Christmas lights can bring families together during the holiday season. This craft would make a great family project and even create something for Christmas to be a part of any outdoor lighting design. By coupling Christmas lights with chicken wire, you can make an outdoor yard decoration that exudes an elegant look for any yardscape. The supplies are simple: Chicken wire and some great LEDs!
How to Create the Lighted Chicken Wire Ball you purchase your chicken wire, cut it into the size you would like and shape it into a sphere. Smaller cuts will make smaller spheres, while larger cuts of chicken wire will make larger sphers. Chicken wire is easy to bend and very flexible, so creating the circle will be no trouble at all. Make sure it is round, though other shapes may apply. If hanging these in trees, you may want to try diamond shapes - or get really creative and surprise us!

Once the sphere is created, wrap lights throughout it, securing them by weaving them in and out of the chicken wire. Make sure the end plugs are available so that you can run power to the chicken wire ball.
Once the sphere is bright, hang it with clips or zip ties or place it on the ground as if it were a round bush. These items look great anywhere, whether in the yard or on the porch, so create many to brighten up the entire yard.
Professional Decorating Tips: Chicken Wires with LEDs

Many have asked, and now you know: Chicken wire balls coupled with LEDs create imaginative lighted balls for your yard.

If you'd like to use our images, feel free to do so. We love seeing our pictures used, but please link back to us when posting it. Have fun while you work with these chicken wire balls, and good luck!


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