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kdb32057 12-19-2012 04:53 AM

I just don't get it!
:welcome:I just don't get why some people can't leave us, who believe in Jesus Christ, alone! Don't they realize, that Jesus is the reason for the season? I will never be ashamed of Jesus! I will stand for Him & the celebration of His birth as long as I live!! I have raised my children with the belief in Jesus all their lives, as was I. I do not have any problem with other religious sects and the way they celebrate at this festive time of the year, I believe it is my God given right, as an American, and a Christian, to be able to speak my mind and to celebrate the way I always have! I will stand & defend Christmas as long as I have a breath in me to do so! I try not to offend anyone:welcome:, nor do I want to be offended! The first gift of Christmas was a child, His name is Jesus! He was the best gift ever given! :welcome:

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