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Elf Victor 12-20-2012 08:34 PM

Question: Do you know my elves?
We frequently get asked about specific elves at the North Pole -- questions like this:

Do you know my elves Sophie and Walton? Sophie trains reindeer and Walton helps with the sleigh. They are having a baby.

Yes, of course! What a cute couple they are. And so very smart too.

Elf Sophie will have her baby very, very soon. She has kept working though. She has been helping with the baby reindeer to first help them walk (that happens the day they are born) and then she trains them how to fly.

Well, actually, she doesn't train them to fly. Donner actually trains them. But she is there to keep them safe and make sure they keep the rules. Once a reindeer finds out they can fly they get a little silly and do goofy things. Sophie is very good at keeping them safe and in line. She loves the reindeer so much!

Oh, and Walton. He's a brilliant sleighmaster, did you know that? That elf could make a sleigh go faster just by looking at it. Santa says he has a big future.

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