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ElfBot 12-26-2012 11:20 AM

Top 5 Ways to Avoid the Post Christmas Blues
My brother is Clark Griswold. You know the type. He will wear his ugly Christmas sweater in July. He marks the countdown to Christmas year round. He...

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Storeytime 12-26-2012 02:39 PM

My PCB started on Christmas morning around 4:00AM when I wrapped the last of the presents and filled the last stocking.

MMC has been such a big part of helping me every year in not feeling the PCB as much as I have in times past. I love the tips you gave and have a few of my own, such as I record local radio shows so that after Christmas I can still hear the beautiful music just as if it were playing live.

But, honestly, if you're as big a Christmas lover as most of us are here at MMC, how could you feel any other emotion after Christmas? The world is a magical, beautiful place with wonderful sights, sounds, and aromas. All of a sudden that is all just put away. How could it be anything but sad?

I'm determined this year to try and keep the feeling that I have in my heart at Christmas time alive the whole year. I usually don't accomplish that mission due to the pressures of business, financial struggles, and my love/hate relationship with politics. I am going to make a real effort this year to stay away from some of those things that cause bitterness or ugliness to grow in my heart and instead, water the seeds that are planted every year during the Christmas season.

Merry Second day of Christmas to you all!

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