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Green LED Lights: a Spin on St. Patrick’s Day CupCake Wars
St. Patrick’s Day offers yet another opportunity for the team at Christmas Lights, Etc to celebrate a holiday in style. How can we let a holiday go by without illuminating the offices and common areas with bright LED lights, ball ornaments, and lighted tabletop decor? Each holiday offers its own unique opportunity to help the company with improving employee morale and maintain a fun work environment, and St. Patrick’s Day is no different.

Green LED lights - battery operated LED lights to be exact - are the highlighted product in this season’s decorating. The theme? CupCake Wars! The team at Christmas Lights, Etc put their heads together and the result was a St. Patrick’s Day themed CupCake Wars.

Cupcake Wars is a Food Network reality show where two chefs create a unique cupcake that is judged on presentation and taste. The team that wins continues on in the Cupcake Wars. We love the television show and we love St Patricks Day, so it seemed natural that it was time to combine the two into a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake bake-off and all-day event.

Christmas Lights, Etc has already held several cook-offs in the past few years, including a recent chili cook-off, a Brunswick Stew cook-off, and what some hope will be an annual tradition: the rib coo-koff that occurred in the last annual company Memorial Day picnic. This latest bake-off is the first to incorporate product in presentation. With an office backdrop that includes dancing leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day decorations of green balls amid green LED lights, and rainbow ribbon hanging from the ceiling, this is a company that truly finds reward in watching its team members laugh, engage and let loose. Lucky contestants are now adding battery operated LED lights to the cupcakes, with a maximum of 2 battery powered lights permitted per presentation.

St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes are the pot of gold in creative and delicious looking morsels this side of the St. Patty’s Day rainbow. The biggest question is, whose is the tastiest? Will the winner hail from the Web Content, IT, Sales, Customer Service, or Purchasing departments? Will it be the daughter of one of the most decorated cook-off contenders to date?

On Friday, March 15, the Cupcake War will begin. Many will spend all night sculpting cupcake hills of Emerald green with dreams of winning the gold at the end of the rainbow: 1st place.

There are many original ideas for St. Patrick’s Day treats, ranging from leprechauns to gold at the end of rainbows and shamrocks. Come back after Friday and we will post pictures of our St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes in action!

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What ideas does your company offer for using holidays to help in boosting employee morale? Have you tried a cook-off yet?


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