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Jeff Westover 06-03-2013 09:13 AM

Christmas Film Festival June 2013: It's a Wonderful Life
June's movie will be "It's A Wonderful Life", as told to us by

Is there a more iconic Christmas movie out there?

That's a curious question. While It's A Wonderful Life is frequently mentioned as one of the best films ever made is it even a Christmas movie?

Think about it. Other than the Christmas tree at the end of the movie and a few scenes with falling snow, what makes this a Christmas movie at all?

It isn't about Christmas. It is about a man in crisis, who cannot see his own worth to his family, his community and his business. He gets visited by an angel who shows him what would have happened if he had never been born.

That's all great....but what does it have to do with Christmas?

These and other questions we will be exploring this month during our year round Christmas Film festival.

XmasDreams 06-03-2013 09:32 AM

This is by far one of my Fav movies of all time. While i can see why some people say it is not a Christmas movie. Always felt that the movie is a Christmas movie based on the many feelings that happen during the film. Think of how many different emotions one goes through during the season and you will see, that even though it might not have lots of scenes of Christmas.

MerryCarey 06-03-2013 10:05 AM

Perhaps it feels like a Christmas movie throughout because it examines Christian values (e.g., self-sacrifice for the greater good of others and the community = love thy neighbors as thyself, which is a theme Capra visits often).

ballcoach 06-03-2013 09:57 PM

Those are some good points, Jeff. But to echo MerryCarey's embodies what Christmas should be about...

Giving to others....betterment of the community or mankind....placing others in front of yourself...etc.

Regardless of if it really is a Christmas movie or not, I bet we can all agree that it is one heck of a movie.

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