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ElfBot 10-15-2013 08:52 AM

Nightmare Before Christmas: Is it a Christmas movie?
Hollywood is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the wildly creative and ever-popular Tim Burton classic Nightmare Before Christmas. And what’s not to love? Set to brilliant Danny Elfman music and telling the story of a jealous Jack Skellington who wants all the glory of Christmas and Santa Claus there is no end to the joy […]


XmasDreams 10-15-2013 09:08 AM

Yes, this has always been a Christmas movie at least for me. While it is easy to see how others might feel that it's not a quote on quote Christmas movie. The thing that has been my gauge what is and what isn't a Christmas movie; is the feeling you get when you watch the movie. Most Christmas movies have this emotional roller coaster effect where your on the jounry with the people in the film. Heck many movies have a scene that might be at Christmas time but not be the quasi explanation of a Christmas movie. We have a great thread here were people talk about movies that mean Christmas to them but may not have one scene that takes place during the holidays. ONe person talked about Superman III great movie and they felt it was a Christmas movie to them. SO the answer is simple if you think it is a a movie that reflicks your view of Christmas than that's what it is. Great thing about that is no one can take that view away from you.


christmas87 10-15-2013 12:32 PM

I think its get a little christmas and alittle halloween.also i was listening to halloween music on the sounds of the season and when they have those notes on the side of the screen i saw one about said that tim burton got the idea for this movie when he went to a store and saw halloween and christmas decorations out at the same time.that may seem like nothing now a days since they have been doing this for awhile now but back then when the movie was made/thought of halloween and christmas decorations werent out at the same time in stores like it is i think its both because it cant really just be one.thats why they show it on tv during halloween season and christmas season.

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