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mammaduke 12-11-2007 08:00 PM

How to have a happy holiday when spouse is in the hospital ?
This past week has been hard with the passing of my mother in law & today they admitted my husband in the hospital . He has internal bleeding & his blood count is so low that if he went to sleep tonight he wouldn't of woken up in the morning. They will run tests tomorrow, but I don't know if after everything this past week & half that I even want to celebrate christmas if he's not home with me.I sit there in the hospital all alone & try not to reflect on what if, but it's there.
Help me deal with this.

Sunshine73 12-11-2007 08:16 PM

I'm so sorry that things are so rough for you this Christmas season. :( I hope that the tests show nothing serious for your DH. It is possible that it's something easily treatable (my step-father was admitted for the same reason recently and it turned out to be a weird, but very treatable reaction to medication), but I know that there's always that "what if" in the back of your mind.

Hang in there. I'm definitely saying prayers for you and your family during this difficult time.

Annette1990 12-11-2007 08:19 PM

Wow Mammaduke when it rains it pours. I am sorry to hear this. Please try to be optimistic. Wait to see what the test results may be. I hope it all goes well for your husband (and you) and that he will get to be home for Christmas with you. It's hard to want to celebrate under these kind of circumstances. And is totally understandable if you don't end up having a big Christmas Celebration. I think if he does have to stay in the hospital for a period of time. You being with him at Christmas time would mean more to him than any gift, Christmas tree, decorations etc. Best of luck to you both...hang in there.

JOHNOR 12-12-2007 05:41 AM

mammaduke, i am so sorry you are having such a rough time. you and your family are in my thoughts and i'm sure your mother in law is looking down and making sure your husband will be as right as rain as soon as possible. keep positive, we are all here is you need to talk. x

kelly ann 12-12-2007 06:34 AM

Im really sorry to hear of all the nasty luck you have had lately. My thoughts are with you, we're always here if you want to talk xx

kerst 12-12-2007 06:56 AM

Some days are cloudy and grey,
And it seems as if the rain is
Chasing all your dreams away.

So sorry, mammaduke to hear of your all troubles. There is no time for bad things to happen to us but Christmas is the worst time of the year. It makes it all so much harder to bear. Hang in there !

Maybe you can play some soft Christmas music in your husband's room or even read him some Christmas stories if he is up to it, just to keep the Christmas spirit alife but I certainly wouldn't plan too much. Take it one day at a time and enjoy those precious moments together.

officepro4u 12-12-2007 07:17 AM

Debbie ~ you know you are in my prayers! You have been helping me through my rough time more than you know. Just knowing that you are praying for me everyday helps. Be strong and know that God is in control. His will is always done and he knows the desire of your heart. You are a light that shines bright for God, don't let it go out during difficult times. STAY STRONG sweetie!!!


morelia92 12-12-2007 09:59 AM

You and your family are in my prayers.....

mammaduke 12-12-2007 04:36 PM

We got the results back from the MRI, it showed nothing there so now they think he is bleeding from the colon. He's so scared as I am , after this week with his mom passing he is really down & out. He's watching Christmas shows in his room & I watch them here, so we talk durning commericals. That seems to be helping him get through this whole thing.He loves Christmas as much as I do so that helps us both through this.

novelist 12-13-2007 07:02 AM

:-xI'm so sorry you have yet nother crisis to deal with! I don't blame you for not wanting to celebrate if your husband is not home with you. I know I would be the same way. You'll be in my prayers!

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