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ElfBot 12-12-2005 12:02 AM

Santa's Mailroom Experiencing Slow Downs
You would think it was two days before Christmas!

So says Elf Cameron from the mailroom. He is a mail sorter there and things are unusually busy right now.

Believers from around the world have written to wish Santa well. There have been letters expressing concern for Santas safety over troubled skies this Christmas and for concerns about his diet and weight (both okay, according to Elf Dr. Lionel P. Spock). Surprisingly, there is also an abundance of letters asking how to get from Santa’s naughty list to his nice list.

We appreciate all the letters: especially those letters containing personally drawn, happy pictures and holiday artwork. We hope those of you awaiting a reply from Santa will understand that he is very busy and trying his best to respond.

And remember, letters to Santa can be sent in any way that you want – by email, by fax, or by regular mail – or even stuffed in your stocking when you hang for Santa on Christmas Eve.

As always, do not worry so much about spelling or grammar. You should practice those things that your teachers and parents are working on, by all means. But Santa really does not care if your letter has a few mistakes in it. (Santa understands how hard it is for the little ones to write in crayon – and those are his FAVORITE letters!).

One word of advice for you kids with loads of Santa questions: remember than you can write directly to an elf here at the North Pole to answer some of those things. In a way, that is kind of why were are here and if you direct your North Pole questions to one of us it will save poor Santa some time as he tries to deal with the millions of letters he is currently receiving.

-- Elf Ernest

Countdown to Santa's Launch: 25 days
North Pole Weather Update: 2 Degrees, Light Winds, Clear Skies
Operation Merry Christmas Status: Good

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