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ElfBot 12-12-2005 12:02 AM

Elf Bernard Reports Workshop Trouble
Some worries today emerged from the Workshop at the North Pole. Elf Bernard reports that several elves called in sick to work this morning. All reported feeling a little dizzy and unable to walk in a straight line.

As a precaution, Santa has called on Elf Dr. Lionel to visit a few of these sick elves in their homes to find out what is going on.

Elf Bernard does not report being worried about the strange sickness yet. "We were able to fill in for these elves," Bernard said. "But this is the kind of thing you worry about. If one or two elves call in, it is no big deal. But when five or six call in with exactly the same symptoms, you start to worry if you have something that could get everyone sick."

Of course, if ALL the elves get sick, Christmas would be in big trouble. But, no worries -- Santa is looking in to it and things appear to be fine for now.

We will keep you posted.

-- Elf Ernest

Countdown to Santa's Launch: 21 days
North Pole Weather Update: -1 Degrees, Heavy Snow, High Winds
Operation Merry Christmas Status: Good

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