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kelly ann 12-27-2007 11:03 AM

so what was the worst xmas present you received this year? go on admit it!!!
My worst had to be a pair of pj's that were a size too big!!! Im sure my mother thinks im bigger than what i am :)

novelist 12-27-2007 01:19 PM

:tree:I hate to be picky, but I didn't like the gift my oldest step son gave me at all. I love to read, and he bought me a book which isn't my style at all. That night, I did try to read it, but it's so indepth, it's hard to understand. The other gift he got me was an led lighted bookmark. Itried using it while reading the book he gave me, and it was very awkward. I'm not going to use it for reading anymore-we have a lamp by our bed which gives me plenty of light anyway. Instead, I'm putting the item in my pocketbook, and using it to either find somethingin my pocketbook, or use as a flashlight incase we forget to leave an outside light on, and the flashlight will make it easier to put the key in the door. He bought my husband some sort of lighted gadget that has different tools on it. My husband doesn't think he'll get much use out of it.

joyful 12-27-2007 03:58 PM

Actually, all my gifts were great. As usual my hubby surprised me.

Annette1990 12-27-2007 05:04 PM

I recieved a few unexpected gifts and I have no complaintscheesy

Maebeary 12-27-2007 08:14 PM

I have ot admit that I didn't get anything I didn't like! Everything was very nice!

JOHNOR 12-28-2007 06:12 AM

a terribly ugly scarf, it looks like vomit! a mish mash of crazy colours! oops!

Sunshine73 12-28-2007 07:49 AM

My mother bought me a couple of bath sets. Now, to be honest, I do love bath sets...just not cheap, old lady bath sets that come in hideous porcelain angels. :-?

However, my mom is on a very tight budget and I do genuinely appreciate the sentiment behind her gifts and I'm very touched by her attempts and her thoughtfulness.

sugarplum fairy 12-28-2007 05:14 PM

I got lucky this year. Everything I got I like.

clarebear 12-29-2007 03:21 AM

Everything i recieved i was happy with.

Sanity Clause 12-29-2007 11:47 AM

A book about the Pope. :-?

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