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Maebeary 01-12-2008 08:25 AM

Thank you for the Christmas spirit!
I have enjoyed this past Christmas more than most in recent years. Christmas has ALWAYS been my favorite time of the year with the lights, trees, decorations and music...most especially the music! I love Christmas music! But, even though I got down (after Christmas blues) for a few days, I have picked myself back up by coming to these forums and reading all of your fun posts and seeing your wonderful avatars and signature pictures! These forums are truly a very fun place to come! I'm glad I went searching for new Christmas music back in October! That's how I found MMC! I have a lot more places to check out in the next few months. I'll have June, July and August to play around on here (I'm a teacher!).

To Jeff and company....thanks!


Annette1990 01-12-2008 08:52 PM

I agree Maeberry..
I am also thrilled to have come across this website. And so happy to meet new people I now consider my friends. We really do have some wonderful people on here and as time goes on I see this site getting bigger and better.

sweetmisery 01-13-2008 10:16 AM

Same here. Thanks to this forums, I feel "at home"... with kindred spirits.

kelly ann 01-13-2008 10:40 AM

Although I have nt been on here as much as I have been (I've been busy collecting barbie's on ebay) I feel really happy there is a site I can visit at anytime for a chat!!!

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