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ElfBot 12-23-2005 05:53 AM

Weather Slowing Things Down at the North Pole
Nobody has snow like we do at the North Pole. We are used to it being piled 12 feet deep in our yards. But nobody here has seen snow like we have had at the North Pole this week.

"Very strange," said Elf Billy over in the Weather Center. "Usually it gets a little warmer with this kind of storm but this week it has gotten colder and snowed harder than ever before at the North Pole."

Over at Santa's Stables, in the barnyard where Santa usually launches he sleigh from, the snow is 26 feet deep -- well over the top of the giant doors that open the barn. "We're shoveling as fast as we can," said Elf Phil. "But the wind just kicks it back in our faces. I left poor Elf Kirby out there for a minute and he is so short he got covered up in about a minute. Had to dig him out!"

I asked Santa about the conditions and he said they were perfect. Nothing can stop his flight, he said. Elf Bernard said the elves are still working feverishly in the workshop. "We're not behind!" Elf Bernard insisted. "There are just a lot more good kids than we thought this year. Santa has quite the long list!"

-- Elf Ernest

Countdown to Santa's Launch: 1 day
North Pole Weather Update: -61 Degrees, Blizzard Conditions
Operation Merry Christmas Status: Going Better

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