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ElfBot 12-24-2005 05:46 AM

Santa Found Safe!
Santa Claus has been found safe in the skies over Indonesia. No new reports of visits by Santa however have surfaced. Just where Santa is headed is a complete mystery.

Elves here at the North Pole are gathered at the Claus residence for the annual Christmas party. There we follow Santa on our own map and occasionally see pictures of him on the Santa cam. For fun, we bet sugar cookies on the odds of Santa completing his merry mission each year.

Over the course of the last half hour the sugar cookie pool has seen wide swings as information about Santa has been slow to come in. But the careful elves are betting the recent delay is due to Santa's desire to see that all kids in Australia are asleep before he actually comes to visit.

Hopefully we will know for sure soon.

Stay tuned to these pages for more news on Santa and Operation Merry Christmas 2005.

-- Elf Ernest, Santa's VP of Public Relations in the North Pole Newsroom

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