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ElfBot 12-24-2005 05:46 AM

Trouble in the Skies Over Pyongyang?
Santa has retreated south and is over the uncertain skies of North Korea at this time. As a dictated regime governs that area of the world they do not recognize Santa Claus and offer no support of his efforts. We have several rescue teams in place to help Santa there if he needs it.

Unfortunately, we have lost radar contact with Santa. Sometimes in these troubled areas Santa will observe
radio silence and we just have to wait to hear from him. Elf Billy reports that the weather there is fine so we suspect that Santa is likely just being cautious and we will hear from him soon.

Stay tuned to these pages for more news on Santa and Operation Merry Christmas 2005.

-- Elf Ernest, Santa's VP of Public Relations in the North Pole Newsroom

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