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ElfBot 12-24-2005 02:39 PM

Paris, France Happy; Santa Visits Museums
Santa has been to Paris. And he's spending a little time there.

Santa has taken a couple of minutes to do some sight-seeing in France. France has some of the most beautiful art collections in the world and Santa, as you know, just loves art.

While Santa appreciates the art of the masters he appreciates the art of kids even more. I've told you this many times but I'll tell you again. Nothing helps warm Santa's heart better than a hand-drawn picture made with crayons by a child. He takes these one-of-a-kind works of art and he gives them to the elderly and the sick who are
feeling bad. They never fail to make someone feel better.

If you have any artwork for Santa that you've been working on, stuff it in your stocking and Santa will pick it up when he comes to your house tonight.

Stay tuned to these pages for more news on Santa and Operation Merry Christmas 2005.

-- Elf Ernest, Santa's VP of Public Relations in the North Pole Newsroom

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