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ElfBot 12-24-2005 02:39 PM

London Gets Merry Visit
Santa is in London. Kids there are reporting a Merry Christmas already!

Santa has been a little busy on his cell phone. In a very unusual move Elf Agent X called Santa on his personal cell phone just minutes ago. That phone is usually reserved for Mrs. Claus to call Santa and she only calls him when she needs Santa to pick up something from the store.

It almost never rings while he is working.

So Santa was quite surprised when it rang. Again, we saw Santa on the sleigh cam and he was shaking his head.

We don't know what is up with Agent X but he's worried about something. So far though, Santa has been safe.

Stay tuned to these pages for more news on Santa and Operation Merry Christmas 2005.

-- Elf Ernest, Santa's VP of Public Relations in the North Pole Newsroom

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