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ElfBot 12-24-2005 07:24 PM

Caracus, Venezuela Reports a Merry Christmas
Santa has shot North and appears to be following the timezones more closely now as he covers the earth tonight. Caracus Venezuela reports a Merry Christmas and many kids in Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas are writing in to say they are having a hard time getting to sleep. They must know that Santa will be there soon!

Night has fallen on the east coast and the midwest of the United States. Many families there are celebrating together and kids are getting ready for bed.

Santa is moving a little slower now for some reason. But don't let that delay your bedtimes!

Stay tuned to these pages for more news on Santa and Operation Merry Christmas 2005.

-- Elf Ernest, Santa's VP of Public Relations in the North Pole Newsroom

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