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elfworks 05-04-2008 05:38 PM

Iron Man
anyone see it this weekend??


dvdelf 05-04-2008 05:42 PM

no im a bad geek, I didnt go

elfworks 05-04-2008 05:43 PM


you are a bad geek. bless your heart!!



dvdelf 05-04-2008 05:45 PM

my hatred for the movie theater is overriding my geekdom

MrsH 05-04-2008 06:18 PM

Plus, he worked this weekend and we are broke til payday

dvdelf 05-04-2008 06:20 PM

& I hate going to the movies

dominick 05-05-2008 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by dvdguy (Post 73421)
& I hate going to the movies

I'm with ya. I'll wait for the DVD. Last movie I saw in a theater was in 2000.

dvdelf 05-05-2008 05:51 AM

I go once in a while, but i'm usually not happy about it after words.
I'll probably go see Batman

Jeff Westover 05-05-2008 07:36 AM

Until right now I thought Iron Man was an adult movie.

dominick 05-05-2008 08:59 AM


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