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Coast To Coast with Geroge Noory - Starting tonight!

From the website:

Friday, October 10
First Hour: Investigator Joshua P. Warren will discuss Halloween-related paranormal phenomena, as well as reported ghost and UFO sightings. Open Lines will follow.

Saturday, October 11
Ian will be joined by writer Leslie Klinger to discuss the history of vampires in both literature and pop culture over the ages, as well as the changing image of the vampire.

Monday, October 13
Researcher of supernatural folklore, Brian Haughton will discuss his work discovering the origins of the most popular classification of ghost and paranormal stories.

Tuesday, October 14
Researcher of Anomalous Scientific studies, Derrel Simms will discuss his quest to unveil the hidden agendas behind alien abductions and alien implants.

Wednesday, October 15
Dr. Gary Schwartz will share how he used science to conclude that that nothing happens by chance and that some kind of organizing and guiding process must exist.
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