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We are cutting way back this year. We want to save as much as possible due to the economy (we live and work in Central Florida...we depend on the tourists for income)...and want to focus more on the "family" aspect of Christmas.

Family Gift (for son, husband and I from Santa): Life Pirates Edition board game (we do Family Game Night every Thursday), zoo membership

Son (7 years old): Discovery Store Electronic Venus Fly Trap (only thing on his Christmas list..and I got it on sale at amazon at 60% off), Moonsand (bought on sale), a few books (bought at an outlet), Operation and Sorry board games (bought at a yard sale for $2 and they were unopened), new pair of Crocs he needed anyway ($15 with free shipping), and a few little things for his stocking (Jibbitz, candy, toothbrush, movie ticket, etc)

Husband: Decided to only do stockings this year. He will get lottery tix, movie ticket, candy, toothbrush, Xmas boxers, etc.

My Mom: Kohl's Gift Card (free from mypoints..and the only thing she wants this year)..and a handpainted snowman ornament made with son's fingerprints. (using Michael's 50% off coupon for 4 glass ornaments..and we already have the paint)

My Dad: Penn State Garden Gnome

My Brother: "The Office" stationary, pens, etc...and something else..can't decide

My SIL: New Orleans cookbook and New Orleans inspired salt and pepper shaker (she moved to Florida after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home in New Orleans)..she's also getting the snowman ornament

MIL and FIL: homemade goodies (cookies, fudge, candied nuts, etc) and the snowman ornament

Best Friend: Disney cookie tray

Best Friend's little girls: Jingle Jaunt basket (items used while driving around looking at Christmas lights in hot cocoa, travel mugs, Xmas CD, Santa Hats, jingle bells, homemade cookies, etc)

Aunt: snowman ornament

Our dog: homemade dog biscuits

Son's Teacher: $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (free from mypoints)

Instead of a lot of gifts, we plan on going to a lot of the festivals and events around Central Florida. We'll also focus on doing things as a family like baking cookies, making ornaments, watching Xmas movies, making a Gingerbread House, etc.
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